We still get inquiries regularly from people wondering if we can collect certain items. Load of Rubbish is always happy to oblige! Whether you are asking about hammocks in Hamilton, love seats in London, anvils in Ancaster, sleds in St Thomas, or water tanks in Woodstock, we’ve got you covered. Our professional junk removal specialists can make your unwanted items disappear in no time flat—sometimes even with same-day service. And while we have compiled lists of items to get rid of before, we thought we would revisit the theme and share 25 additional items to add to your junk removal pickup today. There’s always room for 1 or 25 more items in the largest junk removal trucks around.

Don’t forget that if they are placed in your garage, on the porch, or are easily accessible in the driveway, you may be eligible for our 15% off ready rate.

25 Additional Items to Add to Your Junk Removal Pickup

  1. weird sculptures
  2. toys your children have outgrown
  3. musical instruments
  4. trading cards
  5. purses
  1. skates
  2. scrapbooking supplies
  3. extra cutlery
  4. wedding gifts you never used
  5. outgrown baby clothes
  1. old hoses
  2. unused drywall
  3. scuffed shoes
  4. artwork that no longer goes with your decor
  5. fishing rods
  1. encyclopedias
  2. shower curtains
  3. old camping equipment
  4. bottle openers
  5. mismatched folding chairs
  1. small amounts of concrete
  2. freezers
  3. cuff links
  4. French onion soup bowls
  5. Halloween ornaments

I have used load of Rubbish many of times for personal use and for my clients. Chris and his team are very respectful when removing items from people’s homes. What I like best is that they recycle items and donate items and not everything ends up in a landfill. I would highly recommend using Load of Rubbish

Jordan H

So before you contact Load of Rubbish, do one last sweep of your home to see if there are some additional items to add to your pickup. We’ll bet you can find a few. Maybe even 25 more!