25 More Items to Get Rid of Today

Last year, we compiled a list of 25 items to get rid of today. The year before, we listed 100 finds from the road that have passed through our trucks. These posts covered a lot of items, but apparently not all, as we still get inquiries on an almost daily basis from people asking if we pick up specific things. The answer is usually yes, but maybe we should be more specific.

Load of Rubbish collects almost everything!

If you are still wondering what Load of Rubbish collects, by all means drop us a line or pick up the phone and call at 519-637-6928. For more depth and diversity though, here are 25 more items that have passed through our warehouse. Ultimately, know that if you no longer use something, you can almost definitely get rid of it. Maybe even start with some of these 25 items today.

25 More Items to Get Rid of

From the weird to the wonderful, with a few exceptions for hazardous materials, we’ll collect almost everything!

Sports Activity Gear:

  1. treadmills
  2. boxing gloves
  3. basketball nets
  4. hockey nets
  5. golf bags

Outdoor Equipment:

  1. lawn mowers
  2. snow blowers
  3. ladders
  4. patio furniture
  5. power washers

Workshop Stuff:

  1. welding helmets
  2. tool boxes
  3. old fuses
  4. lanterns
  5. tool belts

Family Room Items:

  1. keyboards
  2. pillows
  3. printers
  4. baskets
  5. area rugs

Random Things:

  1. giant maps
  2. microscopes
  3. butter churns
  4. license plates
  5. ham radios
Butter churn? We’ll take that!