Why should you hire a junk removal company when you can get rid of items yourself? Getting rid of stuff isn’t always as easy as it may seem. If it was just a matter of tossing paper in the trash that would be one thing, but we have been in business for over 10 years with no signs of tossing in the towel any time soon. Hey, you should recycle that anyway! Seriously though, there are plenty of reasons to hire a junk removal company, whether you are able-bodied or not.

3 Reasons to Hire Load of Rubbish

There are plenty of reasons why people contact Load of Rubbish. Sometimes people need a single item collected, like a piano or sofa. Other times, they are moving and need a whole estate disposed of. For others, they aren’t sure how to go about getting rid of an item, due to the nature of said article, but still need it gone. The answer — hire the professionals at Load of Rubbish!

Dispose of Heavy/Awkward Items

Our team is more than just a collection of pretty faces. We are professional moving experts. We have the skills and tools to lift and move heavy or awkward items that you may not be able to move yourself. For some, that could be because you cannot lift the item up stairs, around corners, or perhaps lift it at all. Other times, your junk might be too awkward to move solo, so a team is needed. Incidentally, we send a team to every job we attend. It reduces the risk of injury and damage to property. Even if you can lift or move those heavy or awkward items, some folks don’t have the means to remove it from your property. Rest assured that Load of Rubbish has some of the biggest trucks in the industry, capable of trucking away as much junk as you can throw at us. If these are your reasons to hire a junk removal company, know that you are in good hands with our crew.

“We needed a few heavy items removed from the house to be taken as garbage. The young men were prompt, polite, personable, quick and it was the best decision we could have made to hire them! I can’t begin to express how happy we were with them! If you’re looking for great service at a reasonable price, I certainly recommend this company! Thank you again Chris and Brendon!”

~ Trudy Y.

Too Much to Do Yourself

Even if you can lift an item, sometimes you still need help. Especially when there are many things to get rid of. That’s where we come in. Load of Rubbish offers estate cleanup services to help make big jobs easier. Our estate cleanups are the perfect solution for when you are downsizing, moving into a senior’s residence, or when someone has passed away. We discuss what should be kept or disposed of, and handle every item with care and dignity. We understand how difficult the process can be, and do our best to make the process seamless from start to finish. Having too much stuff isn’t a problem when the team at Load of Rubbish is here to help.

Can’t Get Rid of it in the Trash

For those who aren’t sure what to do with an item, Load of Rubbish is ready to help you too. Refrigerators contain freon and need to be properly drained before being recycled. Batteries don’t belong in the trash, nor do old tires. The city won’t collect old drywall, fence boards, scrap metal, or other renovation materials either. And you should NEVER dump those items on the side of the road in the country, thinking your problem is solved.

The answer is scheduling a pickup from Load of Rubbish! We collect all of the above and safely dispose of and recycle everything we can. Not sure if we take an item? Contact us directly and ask. It is just that easy.

So if you have a reason to hire a junk removal company, know that we here for you. Load of Rubbish services London, Hamilton, and surrounding areas. Contact us today.