They arrived on time, and I was charged exactly the advertised price for my load of rubbish. Very professional! I would use this service again.

Shawn B.

What stands out to you from this Google review? It is short and to the point, making it easy to read. That’s a great start, but there is so much more in this 5-star business rating.

How about this recent review?

Dylan and Brendon were on time, very polite and made fast work of removing 3 large pieces of furniture. Booking the event was easy and the whole interaction with them was great. Highly recommend them.

Kevin G

Are you seeing a pattern? If you look through the recent Google Business Reviews, a theme emerges very quickly. Most people mention timeliness, polite staff, ease of booking, and cost. It isn’t a coincidence. These are the very skills we pride ourselves on. We want everyone to be confidant in knowing that they will receive these exact same results when they use Load of Rubbish to handle their junk removal needs. How do we do that?

How Load of Rubbish Gets 5-Star Google Reviews

5-star Google review

Is it hard to get 5-star Google reviews? Not if you know how to run your business well. Load of Rubbish prides ourselves on offering the best junk removal services we can. Just because we deal in junk, doesn’t mean we don’t care about the process. And we think that mindset shows in the many positive Google reviews our customers have left us. This is how we do it.

We Do What We Say We Are Going to Do

  • Make Booking your Service Easy – Load of Rubbish has a newly updated website with an easy to navigate booking service. Type in your location. Tell us what you want picked up. Pick a time and date for your pickup. Easy and efficient, so you can get on with your day promptly.
  • Arrive on Time – Not only do we arrive on time, but we do our best to contact customers before we arrive to ensure they are ready for the pickup. Want to know the #1 trait mentioned in our Google reviews? Punctuality. Your time is valuable. We get it.
  • Be Polite –  Just because we are handling your refuse, doesn’t mean we treat anything like dirt, including our customers. All of our employees are trained to be courteous and polite, whether speaking to them on the phone or meeting them in person. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and it shows. You’ll see it mentioned over and over again in our Google reviews for a reason.
  • Charge What We Say We are Going to Charge – While estimates are a great ballpark figure for some, we strive to charge what we say we are going to charge. No one likes surprises when it come to a bill. We get it. If you aren’t sure about load size, we encourage customers to contact us directly to confirm details and pricing. It’s just that easy.

I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again! Easy process to book a pickup time and quote with Elizabeth. When he arrived Dillon was great! He was courteous, polite and professional. They had the cabinet TV out the door within minutes.

Phydel P

Thank you to Phydel, Kevin, Shawn, and everyone else who has left Load of Rubbish a Google Review. We appreciate every review we get, as it is a little reminder that the time and effort we put into offering top notch service works and is worth it. And when you share a business review on Google, it lets others know what to expect when they contact us too—namely, professional, punctual junk removal services, from clean and friendly members of the Load of Rubbish staff. All in the name of affordable and  efficient waste removal services in Southwestern Ontario.