Christmas is a month away. As today is also Black Friday, we know plenty of you are out shopping and preparing for the holidays. Whether you need items for Christmas décor, meal prep and serving, or presents, why not rethink your goals and save your budget. You might be tempted to throw plenty of coin around today with the thought of saving, but we have an even better way to save: the three Rs—reduce, reuse, recycle (and repurpose).

Time to hit the thrift stores…

A Thrifted ChristmasChristmas house

How can you reduce the amount of money you spend, as inflation concerns continue to spike? A trip to your local thrift store is an excellent way to save. Here are a few ways to stock up without cashing out.

  • Buy any extra plates, glasses or serving dishes you need for dinner. Go all white or glass for a uniform look, even if patterns are slightly different, or embrace variety with a rainbow of options to sparkle. You can often find Christmas-themed items too for a fraction of the price you might find in other stores.
  • Browse the bulk-bagged area to find larger quantities of items to use for décor. You just might find a bag full of new-to-you ornaments to decorate your tree, or garland to hang from your windows.
  • Be creative and think outside the box. Vases make excellent vessels for small ornaments, nuts, or Christmas bulbs. Picture frames can be repainted in festive colours to bring a seasonal charm to your décor. Even a handful of scarves might serve double duty as a garland, then wrap around your neck after the holidays.

Thrifted Gifts

Don’t be afraid to purchase Christmas gifts at your local thrift store too. There are so many items to choose from, many of which can mean so much to your recipient. Whether that is the gift of environmental consciousness (anything bought at a thrift store is diverted from landfill), fiscal responsibility (your dollars stretch further at secondhand stores), or uniqueness (you won’t find multiples of items here), there are plenty of great reasons to hit thrift stores this season.

  • add to someone’s china or silverware patterns (so thoughtful!)
  • refurbish found furniture to gift (time, effort and creativity spent = Wow!)
  • see if you can find a selection of books from your recipient’s favourite author (you know them so well)
  • start a toolbox for a teen or someone getting ready to move out on their own (economical on several fronts for the win!)
  • repurpose fashion items into something new (ex. wool sweater into dryer balls, shirts into funky patches for jeans, or even start a patchwork quilt)
  • discover something completely new and unique you never thought you would find! (it happens all the time)

Have we convinced you to try out a thrifted Christmas yet? Know that Load of Rubbish donates plenty of gently used items collected on our trucks every day. We understand the value of keeping as much as possible out of landfills. We also understand the concept of less is more. Less money spent, less resources used, and even less items purchased to begin with. When you gift meaningfully, you also effectively reduce the need to overbuy in the first place, which is better on so many levels too.

So go ahead and hit the thrift stores this year. There is something new every single day. You never know what you are going to find, but it is kind of fun discovering it.

Happy Thrifted Christmas!