Canada’s aging population makes for changing dynamics for all

Did you know that according to Canada’s most recent statistical survey, there were more seniors than children living in Canada? That number is projected to continue to grow, as the life expectancy for Canadians as of 2015 was 82.3 years; 79 years old for men and 84 years old for women.

If you count yourself in the Baby Boomer generation, consider yourself blessed. For younger generations though, a challenge is on the horizon. What does that mean for Canadians as a whole?

  • An aging population means less taxes paid, as more people move into retirement.
  • Health care costs will increase as older adults become more dependent upon the health care system.
  • A rise in nursing care will put more strain on government spending and increase the need for nursing homes.

The fountain of youth looks a little less rosy in that light.

Services Load of Rubbish Offers to Help Aging Canadians

At Load of Rubbish, we see the effects of an aging Canadian population. Many of our clients contact us to help with estate cleanups as they downsize or move into nursing homes. Their adult children already have established homes of their own, so have less need of their parent’s stuff. While family heirlooms still exist, much of an elderly person’s possessions are superfluous and no longer wanted or needed. The result—those once precious belongings being cast off as junk.

Load of Rubbish donates old mobility devices to community organizations like the London Consistory Club

That is where we step in. We understand when families don’t want to see all those memories thrown in a dumpster. While not all of a loved one’s items can be kept, when you contact Load of Rubbish we salvage usable items so others can use them. Much of what we collect through our estate clean-outs ends up at donation centres. We donate gently used walkers, canes, wheelchairs, and other assistive devices to charity organizations in the community, where they go to people in need. Plus, we take the hard work out of the whole process. If you need help lifting, sorting, packing, moving, tossing, and even doing cleanup after all your items are gone, then Load of Rubbish is the company for you.

The statistics for our aging Canadians are just getting higher, so we know our need will only continue to grow. Aching backs, trembling knees, and stiff joints are a reality, but with Load of Rubbish’s help, it won’t be from the process of downsizing when you have to face the need for nursing care. Let Load of Rubbish step in to help make the process of aging a little less painful. We can’t reverse the effects of aging, but we can certainly alleviate the stress that comes with some of the challenges.