Time is ticking on another beautiful summer. It is Labour Day weekend and the last days of freedom are at hand for local youth. The school bell is set to ring on a brand new school year, ripe with the potential for learning. And we think that is a great thing. There is nothing better than learning new skills and knowledge, while developing friendships and social skills. If only we could go back to those comparatively carefree days again ourselves…

Of course, Load of Rubbish still learns plenty on a regular basis. We come across pieces of history every day. Some items we collect relate to geography, math, or science. A regular stream of literature and language pieces get collected on frequent basis. The arts are present too, whether it be music, musical instruments, or a wide range of artistic pieces. Plus, there is always plenty of tools related to physical activity. All items that relate to subjects children learn in school.

A Look at School Subjects with Load Of Rubbish

Load of Rubbish learns a little more with every load we pick up. We don’t have to step into the schoolyard to explore school subjects any longer. There are examples of them everywhere.

Examples of Historical Items

  • vintage outboard motor
  • old wood-burning stoves
  • vintage cameras
  • antique furniture
  • early fire extinguishers

Geography Related Items We’ve Collected

  • globes/maps
  • bags of dirt
  • thermometers
  • hygrometers
  • rain barrels

Articles Related to Language/Literature

  • novels
  • reference texts
  • language learning books
  • old newspapers
  • postcards

Math Stuff

  • puzzles
  • calculators
  • measuring tapes
  • scales
  • lego blocks

Science/Technology Objects

  • transistor radios
  • ophthalmology equipment
  • cleaning supplies
  • batteries
  • computers/game systems/televisions

Gym/Health Related Things

  • bicycles
  • exercise equipment
  • boxing gloves
  • skis
  • canes/walkers/wheelchairs

Musical Materials

  • accordions
  • harmonicas
  • metronomes
  • pianos
  • records/tapes/CDs

Art Pieces

  • paint brushes
  • pottery
  • paintings
  • sculptures
  • glass work

Plus, there are plenty of other examples that relate to environmental sciences. We collect fridges, water coolers, computers, cell phones, and televisions; all in the name of recycling. While fridges, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers contain refrigerant and Freon, we don’t ignore that fact. These chemicals can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. Load of Rubbish ensures that these chemicals are properly drained by a licensed individual before being recycled. We only get one planet and we aim to keep it as healthy as possible.

There are social studies lessons too. All people touch one another and our actions affect others. So while we collect unwanted items from customers, many of those items get donated right back to thrift stores or aid organizations. Not only does this help keep them out of landfill, but it also serves as a way to give back to society. We are a part of the society we live in and it is only right that we recognize that in as many ways as we can.

So don’t think of school as a bad place. The whole world is a great place to learn from. At Load of Rubbish we value learning. It is at the cornerstone of what we do and we welcome the lessons we find on the road.