Christmas is Coming

The countdown is on. Christmas is one month away.

If you are hosting the holidays this year that means it’s time to start planning, organizing and getting ready for the season. Holidays can be a lot of work. Not only do you have to cook a turkey (roast beef, ham, tofurkey or whatever your family eats for Christmas) and all the trimmings, but you also have to prepare your home for an influx of guests. That can include anything from tidying your home to freshening up your guest room, to of course hanging garlands and other Christmas decor on every square inch of your house. How do you go about tackling that without losing your cool?

Christmas is Coming!

Time to Organize

First Steps:

Start with the Big things. Before you can decorate you need a clean slate to work with. Take a look at the overall state of your home and start there.

  • Declutter and purge in preparation for your Christmas decor (Schedule Load of Rubbish to collect your excess)
  • Tackle pertinent home renovation projects; ie, paint the powder room, upgrade your kitchen, etc.
  • Remove and store everyday items for the duration of the holidays
  • Take stock of your decorations; repair and replace as necessary

Next Steps:

These can be completed in the early weeks leading up to the holidays. Prioritize what needs to be done when and schedule accordingly.

  • Do a thorough deep clean of your home
  • Set a budget
  • Take stock of towels, bedding and other necessities for overnight visitors and replace as necessary
  • Ensure you have enough wine glasses, cutlery, plates, serving dishes, etc. to accommodate the number of guests expected
  • Decorate your home; outside and in
  • Start your Christmas baking and freeze
  • Send out Christmas Cards
  • Start your gift shopping in earnest
  • Mail out-of-town gifts

Final Preparations:

Crunch time is approaching. With the bigger projects behind you, tackle the finer details.

  • Order your turkey/tofurkey/ham
  • Iron your tablecloths
  • Polish your silver
  • Put up your Christmas tree
  • Create a gift wrapping station and start wrapping gifts (avoids having it spread all over the house)
  • Make a display space for incoming Christmas cards (helps eliminate clutter)
  • Purchase non-perishables (batteries, alcohol, canned goods, candles, extra toilet paper, etc.)
  • Finish gift shopping & wrapping
  • Fill soap dispensers

Last Steps:

With everything else behind you, you’re into the last stages of Christmas prep. Take a deep breath and dive in. You are almost there!

  • Buy fresh ingredients
  • Pickup turkey/tofurkey/ham
  • Set the table & buy fresh flowers, if using for centrepieces or guest rooms
  • Start cooking (prepare any dishes that can be made beforehand)
  • Recharge video recorders and camera batteries
  • Finish cooking

Pour yourself a glass of wine and relax! You’ve made it. Enjoy the day with gathered friends and family. Merry Christmas!