Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Are you still struggling with those last few items or stocking stuffers? We know how hectic this time of year is. But maybe you could find the time to help a few others feel better this year. Load of Rubbish always encourages others to reuse, recycle and donate all year long, but at Christmas it’s even more important. Telling you to buy less may seem harder this time of year, but how about rethinking what you buy and where it is going to end up. Do you really need ALL of the items you are buying? Could your shopping perhaps help someone in need?

There are many who don’t have enough and could use a hand-up, especially around the holidays. For some, the prospect of a Merry Christmas is far from merry when they don’t have the means to make the holidays bright. Why not consider sharing the love this Christmas and spreading your joy a little further. It is so easy to make a difference in other people’s lives, often without making much of a dent in yours. Here are a few ways how;

Christmas giving

Be generous with your Christmas giving this year

Ways to Spread the Love this Christmas:

Christmas Giving to Those in Need

Toiletries: As you grab multi-packs of toothbrushes, toothpaste, lip balm and more for the stockings, set a few aside to donate. There are always more than enough items in your Costco size packs to spare a few for someone in need. Doesn’t the idea of a few more shiny smiles make yours brighter?

Socks & Underwear: Nothing is better than a pair of clean socks or underwear, especially for someone who doesn’t have more than a pair or two to their name. Mission Services is always in need of these items, so separate a pair of each from your multi-packs to go to someone who is in need this year.

Clothes & Outerwear: Aside from undergarments, clothing is a major need for those who have little. Do you have two winter coats or snowpants? Donate one set. Know you are getting a new sweater, long johns, or a few pair of pants? Why not do a pre-Christmas purge of your closets. Give your old clothes to someone who might need another layer to keep them warm. Don’t forget hats, mitts, and scarves to protect the sensitive skin of those who find themselves down on their luck this winter.

Blankets & Sleeping Bags: On cold winter nights, you can turn up the thermostat a degree or two, or light a fire in the hearth, but for some that is not an option. While turning to a shelter is one solution, sometimes they are full or an individual may choose not to. Your extra blankets and sleeping bags can make a huge difference on a frigid winter night. Spread some warmth with your old blankets this year.

Toys: When the choice is between food and shelter, and there isn’t enough left over to wrap a gift for under a Christmas tree, Christmas seems less joyous. There are always plenty of toy drives looking for gifts of unwrapped toys for girls and boys of all ages. Don’t forget about teens too! Find a local drop box at White Oaks Mall, any Canadian Tire, Vogue Optical, Bell Media radio stations, HMSC Prevost, and more around London.

Food: The London Food Bank always accepts donations of non-perishable food. Most grocery stores in the city have collection bins, but you can also drop off goods at any Fire Hall or directly to the London Food Bank. They are most in need of dried/canned vegetables and legumes, canned tuna and salmon, peanut butter, or specialty diet items (gluten free, dairy-free, etc.)

Gift Certificates & Money: Sometimes a need is best met with gift certificates or money. Donating to charities with a monetary amount gets money directly to aid organizations for them to spend those funds where they are needed most. Toss your change from your last purchases into a Salvation Army Christmas Kettle. Give gift certificates to a women’s shelter; gift certificates can be used to purchase exactly what is needed, versus something that possibly doesn’t fit. Open your heart and share your Christmas spirit with a little Christmas giving to make the season brighter this year.


How can you give back to those in need this Christmas? Let the spirit of Christmas giving fill you this year.