Over the last few years, the real estate market has been a busy place. With low interest rates, people clamoured to take advantage of the savings and jumped in to buy homes. That made for a pretty high demand on inventory and an incredibly fast pace for transactions.

Once the ink dries on deals though, the physical work of actually moving settles in. The lead up and aftermath of closing day can be a lot of work. That is where Load of Rubbish steps in.

Closing Your Real Estate Deal

Many people put furniture and mementoes into storage before listing a home for sale. Real estate agents always encourage homeowners to depersonalize their homes so that potential home buyers can picture themselves living there, upping the likelihood of making an offer. Preparing your home for sale is a great strategy, but doesn’t necessarily mean you need to permanently get rid of your possessions. For those who are just starting the process, here’s a few tips;

How to Depersonalize

  • rent a storage unit for large items and extra storage
  • pack away photos and personal items to make your home more approachable
  • consider painting in neutral tones to appeal to a wider audience

These steps help make a home look larger and more appealing to a wider range of potential homebuyers. The bonus is that if you have already packed items, you are one step closer to moving day. Of course, if you have stored things at a storage unit, you then have a few locations to worry about when it comes down to moving day, but Load of Rubbish can help.

Load of Rubbish moved our furniture from storage to our new location and we are very happy with the service we had. The staff were excellent and very careful with our furniture. We would recommend this company compared to others we have used in the past.
Thanks again, Jean & Tom

Lead Up to Closing Day

There is plenty to worry about in the lead up to closing day. You need to arrange to connect/disconnect utilities, inform pertinent companies of your pending change in address (driver’s license, health card, doctors, mail, etc.), and sign off all the necessary documents with lawyers and mortgage brokers. Plus pack!

Packing Tips

  • label boxes by rooms they are going into
  • use uniform sized boxes for ease of transportation where possible
  • ensure breakables are carefully stored and label the box fragile
  • purge anything that will not fit into the new home

We used Load of Rubbish recently as my dad was moving out of his home. Chris and Nathan arrived right on time and were extremely professional, efficient and courteous. They insisted on removing their shoes on the white carpet and were extremely careful navigating things out of the house. They were even kind enough to move some furniture for us even though they weren’t taking it. Also Andrea helped set up the appointment and she was amazingly helpful too. We would definitely use them again!
~Raj P

Once You Are Moved In

Invariably, closing day can feel chaotic and fast-paced. Sometimes people miscalculate size of rooms, don’t factor in height of window sills or location of doors, or change their mind about what they really want to put in their new home. Maybe you couldn’t get the couch around the corner to get it downstairs or the previous owner left behind a little more than you bargained for. Load of Rubbish has been called in often enough in these cases too. Not a problem.

Our easy online booking makes the final cleanup a breeze. For even easier and cheaper service, if you place your junk in an easily accessible space—like your driveway, porch, or garage—you are eligible for our 25% off ready rate.

We were very happy with with the service provided by Load of Rubbish. The online booking was easy, great value with pricing, and the crew was very professional. They cleared a significant amount of junk from our garage in less than 15 minutes. Definitely would use them again!

~Jordan G

Real estate transactions take up a lot of time and energy, and have the potential to leave you feeling stressed. Don’t let closing day get the better of you though. Call in Load of Rubbish before your list, before you move, and after the dust settles at the end. We are with you every step of the way for all your junk removal needs.