Construction Debris Cleanup

It should come as no surprise that high winds wreak havoc on properties. They take down trees, blow off shingles, and can toss debris all over the place. One unlucky Load of Rubbish client witnessed the effects of a storm last December right before her very eyes. As winds whipped through her neighbourhood, a section of her fence swayed in the howling winds, only to come smashing down beyond repair. With the ground already freezing up, there wasn’t much to be done about it at the time though. She cleaned up the mess as best she could and waited for better weather to tackle a fence rebuild. The construction debris would have to wait.

Fence Rebuild

Our client finally tackled the project this summer. Rebuilding a fence meant tearing down the last of the old one first though. That left a pile of construction debris to clean up from the yard though. As much as burning it seemed liek an answer, there was an awful lot of old pressure treated wood and rusty nails cluttering up her yard and breezeway. With house guests on the way, she rethought the mess and called Load of Rubbish for a hand with the cleanup.

The team was on the way in no time.

Construction Debris Removal

“Brendan and his partner showed up and they went straight to work. I pointed out the junk in my yard and the construction debris in my neighbour’s yard too. Nothing was left behind. They even swept up my breezeway after they were through! Polite, efficient, and right on time. I would use Load of Rubbish any time for my junk removal needs!”


That’s what we’re here for Katherine. The fact that the construction debris was easy to access meant that she was also eligible for our ready rate as well, which put an even bigger smile on her face. A welcome relief after staring at the gaping hole in her fence for plenty long enough. We aim to please!

construction debris being cleaned up

Fence boards, posts, and vinyl roofing cluttered the breezeway when we arrived

It didn’t take long to load the truck with everything.


And the last item—a panel that came down in one piece. Steady as she goes boys!

When all was said and done, our client was thrilled with the results and we were on our way to our next job. That construction debris ended up at Green Valley Recycling, where it will be turned into wood chips and mulch. The perfect solution for a storm cleanup call.

If you need help cleaning up your yard after a storm, know that Load of Rubbish is here to help. Give us a call or use our handy online booking tool to get our team onsite before you know it. Happy we could be of assistance!