When a loved one dies, there are many tasks to undertake. Beyond the immediate funeral arrangements, you still have to contend with wills, final taxes, and the sometimes challenging job of cleaning up the deceased’s estate. While some people tackle a loved one’s estate immediately, others postpone this undertaking for one reason or another. The problem lies in when that task is left too long. What causes estate cleanup delays though? Lots of things…

Estate Cleanouts

What Slows the Process Down?

The speed with which people tackle estate cleanups varies for one reason or another. Certainly some people like to get the task dealt with as quickly as possible, but that is not always possible for one reason or another. What causes estate cleanup delays though?

  • The Will:

    Sometimes problems with a will hamper how quickly cleanups can occur. If a will is contested or no will exists, then dealing with a person’s effects has to wait until those problems get addressed. Whose job is it to tackle estate cleanups? Who gets what personal effects and belongings? Are there any other disagreements which delay the process? On top of dealing with the loss of a loved one, these challenges can be extremely demanding and draining.

  • Emotions:

    Even when no problems exist with a will, sometimes the job of cleaning up an estate is delayed. Sifting through the deceased’s belongings can emotionally be too much for some, immediately following a death. Time heals all wounds, and that is exactly what some people hope when they delay dealing with a loved one’s things.

  • Feeling Overwhelmed:

    Other times, people set to undertake the job of cleaning up a relative’s estate, but get overwhelmed by the process. Maybe there is too much stuff. Perhaps there is uncertainty of what should be kept. Possibly there is not enough time. Often, there might not be enough people to tackle the job at hand. Regardless of the reason, once you get overwhelmed, the process slows and sometimes grinds to a halt.

Delaying estate cleanups can be costly; It hampers the grieving process. You still have to pay taxes and utilities on a property. An empty house is at risk of being broken into. Cost of estate cleanups only rise with time.

Load of Rubbish helps to speed up the estate cleanup process

Once you are ready to tackle your estate cleanup, contact Load of Rubbish. We understand that speed is of the essence, but also that your loved one’s items are not just junk. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we can take over. If distance or time is a problem, we can quickly schedule an estate cleanout at your convenience. Know that our courteous team will respect your decisions and emotions. Plus, we donate and recycle as much of your loved ones items as we can. Let us deal with the stuff you don’t want, so you can move on…