Load Of Rubbish Junk Removal FAQ’s

We service London, St. Thomas, Talbotville, Lucan, Exeter, Strathroy, Thamesford, Thorndale, Port Stanley, Aylmer, Tillsonburg and any area in between.
Load of Rubbish is a full service junk removal company. We specialize in residential, estate and business cleanups. Our service consists of at least two men per job. We do all of the loading, sorting, recycling, and we even sweep up. We try to keep as much out of the landfill as possible. We have even gone as far as to purchase an enclosed trailer so recyclable items can be salvaged in bad weather. No job is too big or too small for us. Most of the time we can provide same day service. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction.
There are so many reasons why we do not charge by weight but our top reasons are as follows:

1 – You have no idea what you are paying until you get your surprise bill in the mail.

2 – A lot of your items may be going to different locations and by the weight it all just gets dumped in one pile.
Example – Donations and Electronic recycling. To name a few.

3 – If we have two locations that have a small amount of items we can do both in one trip. With this method we are able to pass the savings onto our customers.

4 – We want you to have control over what you are paying not the scales.

5 – For household items a lot of our jobs come in lower then our advertised prices.

We accept Visa / MasterCard / cheque / cash for your convenience.
This type of pricing is complicated. The customer thinks he is getting the job done for $25.00 plus dump fees, when in fact you are being charged a premium per pound. The average cost is between 25 and 30 cents a pound. Our full 12×6 trailer averages between 1000 to 2000 pounds of household junk. If we charged by weight a trailer load weighing 1500 pounds at say 27 cents per pound would cost $405.00 plus the $25.00 initial charge, for a grand total of $430.00. We always give you an upfront quote and we stick to it. With construction material the cost would be much higher.
We remove anything that is non-hazardous.

We cannot remove hazardous items, such as paints, oils, asbestos, propane tanks, biological waste or any other toxic substances.

We don’t carry the insurance to transport or dispose of these items properly. There are convenient depots set up for this type of disposal.
Yes, to protect you we carry liability and all workers are covered under WSIB insurances.
We carry these to protect you. For example. Worker falls carrying your stove and hurts his back. With WSIB he is covered under the WSIB insurance umbrella. Without it you could be held responsible. Liability insurance covers damages that could occur during removal and the transporting of your goods. These insurances are expensive and necessary for yourself and us.
As long as we have access to the items we can confirm price by phone and commence work. You will be sent an invoice in the mail for the amount we agreed upon.
No, unfortunately we are not able to do demolition work at this time.
Load of Rubbish and our sister company Rouse Roofing are always on the lookout for team players. Our workers need to be able to work as a team, be physically fit and have good social skills. If you think you have what it takes send us a resume and we will keep it on file.

Question Not On The List?

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