Here we are into December with three weeks to go til Christmas! How time flies. There are 23 shopping days left. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Are you stuck on what to get people, be it the child that has everything or the grandparent who needs nothing? Why not reduce the stuff this year and give gifts which take up NO space. You can still spread Christmas cheer, but also eliminate all the packaging, paper and bows. Plus, you don’t leave the gift recipient scrambling to find a home for the gift you bought or returning an unwanted item to the store.

There are plenty of gifts you can give which don’t require you to know what size, shape or colour to buy. Here are just a few great gift ideas to consider, which won’t add to the clutter;

Clutter-Free Gift Giving

Clutter Free Gift Ideas from Load of Rubbish

Give the gift of a goat this year with Plan Canada

  • tickets to a play, concert or sporting event
  • gift of pampering; spa day, hair cut, mani/pedi or a future lunch date for seniors
  • gift of cleaning (maid service would be welcome in most people’s books)
  • gift cards (teens love picking out their own gifts)
  • gas cards
  • restaurant gift cards (we all need to eat)
  • hand-designed calendars (a new gift every month!)
  • coupon book (fill it full of appropriate items for your recipient; love tickets for your spouse, special date for Mom & Daughter day)
  • donation to a charity in the name of your gift recipient (ex. World Vision, Plan Canada, Save the Children, etc.)
Clutter Free Gifts from Load of Rubbish

Trees make great gifts for clients, business partners, customers, friends, etc.

tree gift voucher from Reforest London (great for clients, customers and friends)

  • renewal of magazine subscriptions
  • museum memberships
  • passes to local attractions (think Storybook Gardens, East Park, movie theatre or golf course)
  • classes (think music, yoga, art, cooking, etc.)
  • food (like homemade cookies, jams or mason jar meals for neighbours, co-workers or teacher gifts)
  • cash (who doesn’t love cold hard cash!)
  • What else makes a good clutter-free gift? Share your favourite ideas with us!