Old Photo Album

Items such as this old photo album are just some of the mementos that Load of Rubbish collects over the course of a day

History Lessons

When we get a call or email at Load of Rubbish, we never know quite what we are going to come across. We pick up plenty of old televisions, water coolers, tires, and rusty barbecues, but sometimes the items we collect are a bit more unique. There is a little more history behind the articles and they can’t help but pique our interest.

One day, we collected a giant stuffed sailfish from a client. You certainly don’t see a lot of those in the shops nowadays. Other days, we collect retro items like 8-track tapes, records, old dolls, and roller skates. Often the collected items are castoffs from days gone by and eras slowly being forgotten. There is an album full of postcards which someone took the time to collect, but now only collects dust in our warehouse, waiting for transfer to a thrift shop. Even old photos aren’t always kept during estate cleanups. The memories belong to someone else and only amount to clutter in your home.

We collect it all. Load of Rubbish carefully boxes up old mementos, nostalgic tchotchkes, and trinkets which no longer have a place in your home. In some ways, we are collectors or salvagers of history.

That doesn’t mean these items go straight to landfill though. On the contrary, anything that still holds some kind of inherent value gets donated to charity organizations like Value Village, the Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity. Once there, they have the possibility of bringing someone else joy once more. Many of these old items find life again in someone else’s home; someone who appreciates the unique worth they might prescribe to it. An old photo album might not be of museum quality, but someone’s old mason jars might hold pickles yet again in a new person’s home.

At Load of Rubbish, we do our best to make sure anything which can be reused gets the chance to. Old relics are a piece of history, but needn’t be cast off as trash. Recycling is a part of our mandate and we take it seriously when we collect your rubbish. For we know the old adage is usually true;

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure…