Less than three weeks til Christmas. Are you feeling the pressure yet? There are gifts to buy and wrap, meals to plan and prepare for, and your home to decorate! Before you go any further, why not think smarter and figure out ways to reduce your stress over the holidays.

Holiday Stress Busting Tips from Load of Rubbish

  • Let Load of Rubbish reduce your stress by taking away your excess

    Let Load of Rubbish reduce your stress by taking away your excess

    Contact Load of Rubbish to clean out your garage, basement and/or the spare room. You will need space for the stash that Santa is going to deliver—if you’ve been good, right! We take a load off (and out), by getting rid of your excess stuff to make room for the peace and tranquility the holidays are supposed to embody (and help make space for Great Aunt Sally to sleep in the guest room, after she’s had one too many rum and eggnogs). Plus, decorating is easier when you have a clean slate to work with!

  • Shop local. Put money back in your community by shopping at small, local businesses. This offers peace of mind knowing you are supporting your community, and often a family directly, versus padding the pockets of corporate executives from giant Big Box stores. Often those gifts are more personalized and better quality, as well.
  • Visit local craft sales to support budding entrepreneurs and give hand-crafted quality gifts for those you love. These will be the gifts that are remembered long after the jingle bells have faded.