Home Renovation Debris

Load of Rubbish collects most debris left over after home renovation projects. Call us for an estimate today.

Home Renovations

There are lots of reasons to tackle home renovations;

  • to increase your home’s resale value
  • to update dated appliances or decor
  • to replace broken or damaged items
  • to improve the function of your home
  • to increase space in your home

The list goes on from there. Whatever your reasons for tackling a home improvement project, there is one thing that is certain—it can be a lot of work.

For starters, you need to decide what projects to undertake. Experts agree that some home renovation projects add more value than others. Kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor appearances all increase your home’s potential retail value. Adding a swimming pool, top-of-the-line luxury items or converting your garage, do not. That being said, home improvement projects should be undertaken for your needs first and foremost, so if you gain appreciation from them, then proceed at your leisure. And of course some items just need to be tackled, whether they increase your home’s overall value or not, like replacing a roof.

Once you have decided upon your project, there are many details to take into consideration; from time, to cost, to personal preferences. Whether you do the renovations yourself or hire a contractor to complete the project should also be a consideration. When it comes down to who will be doing the renovations, you also need to think about who will be doing the cleanup once the project is completed. That can be a huge job in and of itself.

For DIY Home Renovations

For those of you handy folks who have tackled your home improvement projects yourself, good for you for that DIY spirit. But for those of you wondering what to do with all those construction materials left over after the work is done, let Load of Rubbish give you a hand. Instead of making multiple trips to the dump, call us to schedule a pickup. We have the largest junk removal truck in the London area, so reduce the number of trips needed to collect your rubbish. And home renovation materials are just some of the many items we collect.

So if you have replaced your roof, torn out old drywall, built a new bedroom or added an addition, call Load of Rubbish to finish off the job for you. We collect;

  • renovation debris
  • construction materials
  • water tanks
  • scrap metal
  • above-ground pools
  • hot tubs
  • trash
  • and plenty more!

Give us a shout once the dust settles. You’ll be glad you did.