The Impact of Recycling on Landfills

When you get rid of your junk after a property clean up, do you know where it goes? Most garbage removal companies send your junk to landfills without considering how your materials can be recycled.

Landfills are filled with tons of materials and although they’re convenient for storing trash, there is a limited amount of space within a landfill. When a landfill is full, new landfills need to be built and it can be hard to find a place to build one. This is why it’s so important to properly recycle the materials from property cleaning services – a lot of things go into landfills that can be recycled elsewhere. Landfills are lined with clay and plastic and layered with soil which keeps out sunlight, moisture and oxygen – three things that are needed to break different materials. When materials aren’t able to degrade, they become mummified and don’t break down, creating a problem for the environment.

Here are the breakdown times for some items that could easily be recycled instead of going in a landfill where they don’t decompose very easily:

0 Never
Glass Bottle
0 Years +
Plastic Bottle
0 Years
Plastic Bag
0 Years
Disposable Diapers
0 Years
Aluminum Can
0 Weeks +
0 Years
Cigarette Butts
0 Never
0 Never

With this is mind, Load of Rubbish has committed to follow a strict environmental policy that abides by Ontario’s waste management laws but also goes above and beyond them. When we remove rubbish from your home or estate, we do our best to recycle the items to new homes. We donate all reusable items to our community partners like Habitat for Humanity or the Salvation Army so that your trash can become another person’s treasure.

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