Estate cleanups are a big part of Load of Rubbish’s business. We work with people who are downsizing, moving to a retirement or nursing home, and with families who have lost a loved one and need to deal with their loved one’s belongings. It is a big task and one that many people appreciate, especially nowadays. Pandemic restrictions make everything a little harder.

Estate Cleanups During a Pandemic

Our services are welcomed on any given day, but during a pandemic estate cleanup help is an even bigger deal. Why is that? Lots of reasons;

  • less people are willing to volunteer their time to help you move due to fears of contracting COVID-19
  • social distancing restrictions mean that even those who are willing to help are limited by how many people are allowed to gather in one place at a given time
  • there may not be sufficient space to safely allow two metres distance during cleanup
  • even if numbers allow, if the individuals are not in your social bubble, then pandemic restrictions suggest you may not want to expose yourself to them
  • government mandates currently ask people to stay home as much as possible to reduce the risk of spreading and contracting the coronavirus

LOR Safety Measures

How can Load of Rubbish help? We have several health protocols in place to keep both you and our staff safe during estate cleanups.

  • employees wear masks and gloves at all worksites
  • footwear coverings are available as needed
  • employees sanitize their hands and anything the customer touches, including the debit machine

Just a reminder that waste management is considered an essential service regardless of pandemic restrictions. If you have to tackle an estate cleanup, we can do so safely, quickly, and efficiently, plus still do our part to keep as many of the items we collect out of area landfills. We leave your space as clean as possible, so that you can move on to the next stage in your life.

Stay safe!