People often inquire as to what we collect at Load of Rubbish. The short answer is almost everything, minus hazardous materials, such as paints, oils, asbestos, propane tanks, biological waste or other toxic substances. That still leaves the field open to a tonne of materials though. And we have seen an awful lot of interesting items travel through our trucks over the years. Some of which you wouldn’t want to see!

What are some of the strangest things Load of Rubbish has collected? Well, let’s see…

Interesting Items LOR Collects


This blue sailfin is a favourite item we collected years ago. You just don’t come across things like this at Walmart…

Interesting handmade lights

Lights made from clam shells? Who doesn’t want these?!

This item is for kids and the beauty part is that it is an open-ended toy. What would you do with it?

Some Things are Harder to Identify

Many of the items we collect are everyday items, like bicycles, lawn mowers, barbecues, air conditioners, furniture, and old china, but sometimes we don’t know what an item is. You have probably seen some of those items in our What is it Wednesday posts on Facebook. You folks are great about helping us identify weird and wonderful things, like these interesting items.

Interesting item number one million?

Here’s an interesting metal item: FORK C WCO. Some kind of fork, for not sure what?

Don’t think we ever did find out what this thing is. Do you know?

Our super smart Facebook fans knew this was a Corning Termination & Removal Tool. Good thing. Neat!

We get interesting items every day! Do you know what these things are?



Yup, there are LOADS of items that Load of Rubbish collects. From weird, to wonderful, to downright interesting. If you aren’t sure whether we’ll take it or not, feel free to give us a call. The odds are that we probably will. And we can come pick it up before you know it!