There are plenty of junk removal companies out there, but not all of them are created equal. In times when the world looks a little strange, those differences mean a whole lot more.

How is Load of Rubbish Junk Removal different?

Load of Rubbish is a small, family-run business. Father and son duo, Kelvin and Chris Rouse, started Load of Rubbish in 2011. After having watched his father Kelvin run a successful small business all his life, Chris got the bug too. He did his research and knew that to make a small business a success, you had to do a few things; offer a unique, quality product or service, understand your market and competition, and offer consistent, quality service every step of the way.

No problem.

The question then became, what should he do? A marketing plan he drew up when he went to Fanshawe held the answer.

“I designed a model for a junk removal company that offered more than simply getting rid of unwanted items,” Chris says. “I wanted to offer a professional, quality service with an environmentally-friendly solution.”

That’s exactly what he created. And he hasn’t looked back.

So how does Load of Rubbish stack up against the competition?

Larger Junk Truck

Load of Rubbish has the largest junk removal truck in the London area. That means that we can fit more items into a load, thereby reducing the number of trips needed. The time savings equates to a dollar savings too, which passes along to our customers. The more items you need picked up, the lower the overall cost becomes.

Having a larger truck, also means that we must plan our time accordingly. Items are assessed as they are collected and loaded into the truck according to where they will be disposed of; thrift stores, recyclers like Green Valley Recycling, London area landfill, or back to the warehouse for further sorting.

Donations & Recycling Efforts

That brings us to one of the mandates that makes Load of Rubbish different than many other junk removal companies in London. Load of Rubbish does our part to reduce the amount of items that ultimately end up in area landfills. We are called to pick up construction material, random household goods, and full estates. Not all of those items should be thrown into the trash. Instead, we work with area recyclers, thrift stores, and charities to keep more items from becoming garbage. We have donated mobility devices to the London Consistory Club. Metal, electronics, tires, and appliances are saved until such time as we have enough to deliver them to recycling companies. And we make daily trips to area thrift stores to donate items which others might be able to still find use from.

Family-Run Business with Heart

Chris and Kelvin Rouse

Chris and Kelvin went into the junk removal business to make a difference. They picked a logo, designed uniforms, agreed on terms for top-quality customer service experiences, and set out to make a difference. Their company is a family affair, so all decisions made affect everyone in the family (including Kelvin’s daughter and her husband, who are also involved with the company).

So when the world recently faltered and shut down amidst the coronavirus pandemic, it only made sense for Load of Rubbish to shut down too. While waste disposal was an essential service, Kelvin and Chris didn’t want to bring illness home to their families, nor did they want to risk spreading it between customer’s homes, especially in light of the fact that many of those customers are elderly. They couldn’t live with themselves at the thought of unintentionally making people ill. And taking care of people is more important than profit in times like these.

But it is time to get back to work.

Load of Rubbish has since restarted the truck, but we are moving forward carefully. We encourage customers to have loads ready for pickup, preferably outside your home. Not only does that reduce physical contact between ourselves and customers, but it also means that it takes us less time to collect your items. A bonus for both parties. Best of all, it reduces the price of pickup for you!

We know you have choices when it comes to getting rid of unwanted items. Our hope is that you choose Load of Rubbish for your junk removal needs in London, St Thomas, and area. It is proven that small businesses invest more back into their communities dollar for dollar than larger corporations. We have a vested interest in making sure our communities thrive, because we live here too! And we hope to continue to serve you to the standards we have set for many more years to come.