Junk Removal Inquiries

Load of Rubbish receives junk removal inquiries on a daily basis. Questions pour in on our Contact Us page asking what we collect, how much our services cost, and when our availability is.

Looking to get rid of 1 couch, 2 chairs, and 1 small grandfather clock(light). Just interested in cost …

Hi. We need to remove the final remnants of my wife’s sister’s apartment after her death. The list includes…

Hi there! My husband and I are looking to have a couple piles of branches removed from our backyard as well as an old wood door. Is this something you can do?

I have a small freezer that I need to dispose of. Do you take these? 

All of these questions have come in over the last month alone. Whether we can tackle these jobs isn’t a question though; the simple answer is YES! When it comes to pricing, the question becomes how much stuff you have to get rid of.

Whether you have a single item or an entire home to dispose of, Load of Rubbish has a package for you. Our junk removal truck is one of the largest in London, Ontario. This means we can take more of your junk in less trips, saving you money. And while there are some limitations on what we collect—no hazardous materials, like paint, oil, asbestos, or other toxic materials—we do our best to make your junk removal experience as easy as possible.

  • stairs are a snap
  • backyard debris is a breeze
  • pianos aren’t a problem
  • discounts offered for items in the driveway or garage
  • no hidden fees
  • no per pound billing
  • free estimates

Which brings us to availability. While we strive to offer services promptly—same-day pickup available in some cases—your best bet is to check our online booking page. Feel free to pick up the phone to ask us in person too at 519-637-6928. Your junk removal inquiries are our priority. You just might find us in your neighbourhood today!