Work with a company that offers professional, affordable junk removal services for Ontario businesses. Clear out your office while keeping your conscience clean by choosing a junk removal team that is committed to superior waste management.

Junk Removal

Why Businesses Need Professional Junk Removal Services

A business owner’s priorities are exceptional customer service and delivering high-quality products. During hectic day-to-day operations it’s difficult to take the time to properly manage your company’s waste. The average business does not recycle or donate their junk. That is why a 2012 Ontario waste audit revealed that our communities dumped 11,000 tonnes of recyclable materials into landfills.

Load of Rubbish is a business that thrives on hard, honest teamwork. We love getting to work with other businesses who care about our communities and our environment. Our team understands that it takes time and effort to run a conscientious business, so we make your job easier by making junk removal best practices convenient, affordable and efficient.

Business Services

Our teams use covered trucks so we can keep these items safe for those who need them most.

  • Junk removal during expansions, relocations & down-sizing
  • Last minute removal situations
  • Renovation material removal
  • Load, move & recycle junk in accordance with your needs (over & above regular garbage pick up)
  • Safely remove & recycle electronics
  • Donate reusable items to Salvation Army & Habitat for Humanity

Our Customers

Our services are perfect for properties where space and manoeuvrability is an issue. Some of our customers include:

  • Property Managers
  • Realtors
  • Contractors
  • Interior Designers

Why Ontario Companies Love Working With Load of Rubbish

  • Our teams show up at the time you specify, so you can maintain your work schedule
  • Our teams will also show up after-hours to remove your junk if you prefer
  • Our prices are all-inclusive (pick up, removal & recycling costs) and there are never any hidden fees
  • Our trucks are 1.5 times the size of our competitors, so we remove more junk faster — saving businesses time and money

If your business is expanding, relocating or simply clearing out space for enhanced operations, book Load of Rubbish junk removal now and save $20. If you need more information, contact our team for upfront answers about your junk removal needs. We will remove any non-hazardous waste from anywhere in your workplace and you can feel good about protecting the environment and helping your community.

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