Christmas music has hit the malls. Twinkling lights warm the night sky down in Victoria Park. Unless you are one of those last-minute shoppers, you have probably begun your Christmas planning and shopping. And stressing too. Yup, that’s Christmas.

Never fear, Load of Rubbish is here! Let us take some of the stress and excess out of Christmas this year. Take a peak into what we envision as a better festive season with our Load of Rubbish Christmas cheer.

*Christmas Cheer From LoR*

Load of Rubbish has collected one or two strings of Christmas lights over the years

Load of Rubbish has collected one or two strings of Christmas lights over the years


Don’t you hate it when you go to hang your Christmas lights and they don’t light? One pesky burnt out bulb can leave a whole string dark. They are tricky to find and a pain to replace.

Do you need an extra bulb or two for your string of lights? There’s a chance Load of Rubbish has got one to spare. Of course, there’s no guarantee they will work either, or that they will fit your string, but it’s the thought that counts. Good luck with that!


Rusty containers add country charm to Christmas planters. Just add greenery!

Rusty containers add country charm to Christmas planters. Just add greenery!


Hmm, what else can we help with? Oh, how about planters! Everyone loves a beautiful Christmas planter overflowing with greenery at the front door. What do you put the evergreens in though? How about one of these?

Every home needs a rusty something-or-other to add country charm. All this old milk jug needs is a few holly sprigs, some drooping evergreen boughs, and maybe a stick of birch to bring some cheer to your porch!  If not an old jug, think vintage sleds, rusty buckets, or an old wooden wine cask. Load of Rubbish picks up vintage items galore in our travels. We’re always good for suggestions.


Christmas Ornaments

On a roll! Now that you’ve got the outside decorated, what might add a festive look to the inside? How about some Christmas trinkets. Truckloads of those pass through our warehouse over the course of a year. From Santa statues, to snowman mugs, a Nutcracker or two, plus of course many angels; they make us feel festive just thinking about them.

Christmas Gifts

What are we missing? How about presents! We’ve got ideas for an approved Load of Rubbish Christmas gift exchange.

As we like to promote the idea of less is more, we’ve talked about the excess of Christmas before. Sometimes the gift of time is enough. Other times a tangible present fits the bill, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still be eco-minded in the giving. Think homemade, recycled or edible with these 21 eco-friendly Christmas gifts. Or think outside the Christmas box with one of these great clutter-free gift ideas.

Another option is to shop thrift stores to reduce costs and reduce your impact on the environment. No reason why you cannot reuse an item. It’s new to you once you’ve cleaned it up a bit. That goes with Load of Rubbish’s mandate to reuse and recycle as much as we can. Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean you can’t stick with that too. In fact, maybe if more people shopped thrift stores, we wouldn’t have so many after-Christmas returns, debilitating debt, or endless supply of excess and clutter.

Now THAT sounds like a Christmas Miracle worth hoping for. Wouldn’t you agree? Don’t forget to wrap those gifts in reusable gift bags, table linens, newspaper, or some other eco-friendly packaging.

Merry Christmas!