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Business Phone Answering Service

Business Phone Answering Service

Does your small business need a phone answering service to free up your time so you can get something done? You may be surprised to learn how many businesses are opting out of employing an in-house receptionist and choosing instead to use US Answer's virtual receptionist services.

Let's face the facts- your callers are hanging up on your voicemail and it's costing you money. A business that is in its growth phase cannot afford to miss out on connecting with a single customer. More and more businesses are opting out of paying for a full-time receptionist and taking advantage of what a business phone answering service can do for them.

A virtual receptionist can provide you with the same professional phone answering service that someone right inside your office can; the difference is, US Answer can save you about $2,000 a month- and that's just for starters. When you consider the savings from vacation time, sick days, lunch breaks, and all that office equipment you won't have to purchase and pay for each month, your savings will be even greater.

How is this possible? An in-house receptionist costs about $2,200 per month to employ, strictly just in wages. US Answer provides expert virtual receptionist services that start at just $89 per month. Even if you choose one of their larger packages, you'll still see this kind of savings every month, which is money that can go right back into your business for growth or other purposes. For your business, this phone answering service means real savings.

US Answer is a national, professional, live answering and forwarding service that is located in Portland Maine- not halfway across the country. They employ intelligent, friendly virtual receptionists who are committed to your success and will work hard toward that goal. They will answer your phones in a professional manner with warm dialogue and informed responses that will give the impression that they are located in your company office and are involved in the day to day on-goings of your company.

Instead of losing out on missed calls and the business they may have afforded, let US Answer take care of all your answering service needs for a lot less than an employee would cost. Working with you, US Answer will customize a plan that is designed specifically to meet the needs of your business.

Your competition is poised and ready to accommodate your callers who can't get through to you. Don't miss out on business when a phone answering service can provide so much value- let the skilled receptionists from US Answer start answering and managing all of your company's calls.

You'll never regret the decision to contact US Answer. Save money while connecting with every possible prospect, through the business phone answering service that is more affordable than any other live service you'll find.

Call 888-250-1541 to speak with an agent who can answer your questions or get you set up with service for as little as $89 per month. To learn more, feel free to visit online at usanswer.com.

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Business Phone Answering Service Business Phone Answering Service
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