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Control Panels

Control Panels

Control panels are made to control mechanical equipment, and each of the control panels is designed for an exclusive equipment procedure and contains devices that allow you to control itemized equipment. Components in electrical panels control every part of the machine in every industry. So, it can be challenging to describe every possible combination because most companies and every industry have stated component preferences. Here are some of the basics of control panels. 

Design basics of a control panel 

When it comes to the construction of a control panel, there are 4 main basics of the electrical control panel.

A comprehensive review of technical documentation and a Q&A session to fill in the gaps.

Designing of the electrical control panel and construction planning to boost efficiency.

The wiring and assembly of the control panel hardware.

Revising all decisive documentation and a doing comprehensive quality control procedure.

Types of control panels

There are two major types of control panels: open and enclosed. Open control panels include field wiring, internal wiring, and other components that are mounted on a sub-panel but are not enclosed. Open control panels are placed in the open, and this is valuable when you need instant shut-off. 

Enclosed control panels, on the other hand, contain the enclosure itself. All the components are closed to protect the control panels from elements like human contact, dirt, and dust. All the components are mounted to the enclose cover or walls.

Control panel maintenance 

Control panel with good design is easier to maintain, with all terminals, components, and wiring clearly labeled. Some of the regular maintenance of the control panel include:

Connection controls: tight connection screws can actually make the connections worse. So, instead of tightening the connection, use an infrared gun to clean, disassemble, test for high resistance, and reassemble terminals as required.

 Insulation: perform insulation resistance tests periodically to ascertain any potential wiring failures.

Dust control: although you can vacuum cabinet floors, note that the enclosure is energized, so make sure you follow the safety precautions before doing any cleaning. And try not to vacuum close to the circuit board unless you completely understand and follow the electrostatic discharge procedures. 

Standards that apply to control panels 

A lot of standards apply to control panels, in addition to the NEC 409.2. The standards that apply include Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery (NFPA 70) and the Standard for Industrial Control Panels (UL 508A). In addition, the control panel manufacturing and design, installation, testing, and maintenance are subject to standards set out by NETA, NECA, and IEEE.

Where to start? 

With several years of experience, the Aura Engineering company has the ability to create customized control panel solutions that meet the needs of any company. Our ultimate goals are to offer the perfect control panels to every client, and to do that; we staff expert technicians throughout the entire process to assemble and wire quality control panels for all our clients. Contact Aura Engineering today for a consultation on how we can help with your control panel solutions needs. 281-485-1105.


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