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Sanitize Pico

Pico VR headsets offer the latest VR technology and creates a VR headset that does away with the need for wired, phones, or PC connections. However, trying to figure out how to clean your Pico so that it stays shiny and functional can be challenging. After all, you don’t want to accidentally screw up your headset as you try to take care of it.

There are a couple of things you’ll need to do to properly clean your Pico headset. Here are the different methods to sanitize Pico and ensure a more hygienic experience.

Hygiene Masks

These are disposable cotton masks that are designed to be worn on the face before using your Pico. This hygiene mask creates a protective layer between your face and the headset. The hygiene masks are easy to use and applicable to other types of VR headsets. However, you may require an extra step to put on your VR headset.

Disinfectant Wipes

You can also clean your Pico with the use of a disinfectant wipe. These are disposable wipes that many people use to wipe most of their VR headsets. They have shown to be an effective solution, which allows the VR to be wiped down more effectively and easily than fabric face covers. However, keep in mind that when cleaning your headsets, you shouldn’t use abrasive wipes on their lenses; rather, use the regular cleaner in order to avoid irreparable damage.

The benefit of using disinfectant wipes to clean your headset is that they provide a good solution for Pico headsets, especially their PU leather face pad. The disinfectant wipes are easy to use, and you can clean your headsets easily between uses.

However, the disinfectant wipes don’t have the capacity to remove all the bacteria and dirt present in the headset. This mostly depends on how thoroughly you clean it and the quality of the product. Also, there is the possibility of the wipe (if it contain strong alcohol) damaging your headset lenses.

UV Sterilization Box

The UV disinfection robot is the most effective disinfectant method for Pico. This is a disinfection device that helps you to safely and quickly sanitize your equipment by using a UVC light. Ultraviolet light devices like CleanBox have been proven to kill 99.99 percent of all bacteria and viruses within a very short period. The UV light sanitizers have a number of other benefits; they can also be used to disinfect phones and are ideal for commercial uses. However, UV light phone sanitizers have a higher upfront purchase price. But it is more cost-effective over a lengthy period of use.

Choosing the Best UV Sterilization Box

CleanBox is equipped with UVC LED lights that are created to eliminate up to 99.99 percent of pathogens on the surfaces of your Pico and those hiding in the shadows in just one minute. Our UVC clean phone sterilizers come in a variety of sizes, so you can clean multiple VR headsets in the same minute. We also have adaptors compatible with your VR controllers and haptics. Buy our state-of-the-art device cleaning boxes to sanitize Pico.





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