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Pre Construction Homes Vaughan

Pre Construction Homes Vaughan

The average time it takes to build a house in Canada is between 6 and 10 months. While the ultimate construction stage takes half of this duration, the builder must contend with mortgage approval, architecture, and obtaining a city building permit. For known reasons, many prospective homeowners aren't interested in these technical details and processes involved, apart from making sure that the house follows a specific architectural structure that meets their tastes.

Build from scratch or buy outrightly?

It's left for the builders, bricklayers, and engineers to translate beautiful modern home designs into reality. This takes time, and careful skill; hence, many residents prefer to buy resale condos and homes already for sale in Maple instead of waiting for the builders to finish with their project. Though the pre-construction homes in Vaughan are one the better routes towards owning your own dream house. This really is an opportunity unline anything you're going to find on the market.

The preference of buying outrightly Maple homes for sale or building from scratch depends on what you want, and both have their own merits. But there's a third option, which is radically different in scope, construction duration, and pricing, of course.

  • What are pre-construction homes?

In simple language, a pre-construction home is a home that you buy before it's finished. In other words, it means buying a house or condo before construction commences. You do this by paying a deposit, and you have the freedom to determine how the house will turn out in terms of design, floor layout, etc.

A review of OP pre-construction homes listings

Pre-construction homes are becoming more popular in the Maple real estate scene for reasons such as its comparatively cheap pricing, freedom to customize and design as the building project proceeds, low maintenance, and the top investment returns. So they offer the benefits of buying outrightly, building from scratch, or mortgage. At OP, we're unrivaled in the real estate agency in Vaughan and offer the leading pre-construction home listings. Here's a quick review of our home listings and their respective prices, benefits, and process.

Our Listings

We have an impressive roster of pre-construction homes. They are listed below.

  • Plaza Midtown Condos

This is a new pre-construction Condo project containing several condos units and retail shop outlets in nearby Toronto, just 33 minute drive from Vaughan. The project contains a 32-story condominium building of 538 units, and it has a Walk Score of 99 over 100 and a Transit Score of 94. It's designed by the second-to-none Canadian developers, Plaza and Quadrangle Architects Ltd.

The deadline for this project completion is January 2nd, 2021, and its fixed-price goes for $300K. You pay 5% on signing in 180, 310, and 540 days, depending on your preference. Benefits include a parking space, locker, one free assignment, window coverings, and sleek ceilings.

  • Icona Condos

This is a new condo project with two residential condo towers (44 and 48-stories) totaling 1044 units; and a 9-story redevelopment of the Hilton Garden Inn. The first tower, highlighting elegant interiors and floors, gourmet kitchens, luxurious bathrooms, world-class safety, top security systems, etc., is scheduled to be completed in January 2020. It has a Transit Score of 74.

Benefits include proximity to York University, Highways 7, and the rapid bus system in the heart of Vaughan. It's a VIP project, so the pricing isn't publicly listed. But you can register today to find out.

  • Cosmos Downtown

Our Cosmos downtown pre-construction home, located in Vaughan2951 Highway 7 West, is developed by Liberty Developments. It has a full 36 Stories and 396 units, and a 73 score transit rating. The exterior is made of exquisite glass design and concrete.

Expected facilities include a fitness room, an inground swimming pool, rooms to organize parties, practice your yoga. When you opt for this listing, you deposit 15% over 540 days and +5% on Occupancy. Like the Icona condos, it's a VIP, so the pricing can only be established when you contact us.

Our Process

Opting for a pre-construction home should come with great ease. We have made it our culture to offer you great freedom when choosing your pre-construction home plan. If you're buying into a condo development, plaza, or large detached house, we make sure you have a say in how you want the house to be. In return for your deposit and subsequent payments, we offer our expertise in the areas of architecture, legal contracts on mortgages, permits, and building engineering.

You've also got the option to buy into freehold pre-construction or pre-construction condos when you explore our listings. Contact The OP Team for the best real estate agent in Vaughan: INFO@THEOPTEAM.CA 416-270-1431.

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Pre Construction Homes Vaughan Pre Construction Homes Vaughan
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