Every April, Londoners take part in the annual London Clean and Green. During the first event in 1996, volunteers scoured an area Downtown to eliminate garbage and graffiti. Since then, the event has expanded to include area parks, roadways, the Thames River, schoolyards, and many businesses. Dedicated people lend a hand to do their part to make our city a greener and cleaner place to live and work. And for those who haven’t participated before, why not think about being part of this year’s London Clean and Green events.

There is more than one way to make London a cleaner place.
London Clean & Green and Load of Rubbish

22 Minute Makeover – April 22, 2016

On April 22nd get some people from your business outside for 22 minutes of cleaning. Organize a crew to collect garbage and cleanup the outside of your business. For a little incentive, snap a picture of your crew working, share it on Facebook or Twitter and be entered for a chance to win a pizza lunch from Joe Kool’s. Who doesn’t want $100 worth of free pizza in exchange for giving a much-needed cleaning to your business? Bonus all around!

Community-wide Cleanup – April 23, 2016

Don’t have a place of business or enough people to clean it? No problem! On April 23rd take your cleaning to the community. There are cleanups scheduled all over the city, or suggest your own. Check the Clean and Green London website for locations and to register. Even if you don’t join a formal cleanup, you could still talk to neighbours, friends or family, and get out there to do your part. Let’s clean London up!

12 Days of Cleaning – April 12-23, 2016

Before we cleanup the city and area businesses, we need to focus on ourselves. The 12 Days of Cleaning are meant to focus on cleaning up our homes, lifestyles, and the ways in which we create waste. Last year’s focus was;

“… on information and general awareness on how to prevent litter, garbage and illegal dumping from occurring. It highlights programs such as electronics recycling, safe disposal of household special waste, recycling renovation materials, reuse of clothing and tire recycling.” *

*City of London website

This year do one better. Gather anything which no longer serves you from your home; clothes, electronics, furniture, expired bbq tanks, broken yard tools, old magazines—everything and anything! Get in the green spirit and give us a call. We will ensure that any reusable items get donated back into the community, any recyclable items get sent to proper facilities to extract salvageable materials, and any remaining waste makes it to the landfill. Together we can make London a cleaner place to live.