The real estate market is a hot industry. National home sales in Canada rose 1.3% from July to August 2017. The year-to-date sales in London/St Thomas area are up 15.5%. In fact, year-to-date average sales prices for London are up 18.2% as compared to 2016—$329, 745 in 2017 compared to $279, 057 in 2016. That being said, the London real estate market is far more accessible than many other places in Canada and well below the Canadian average home price of $488, 904.

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you thought about selling your home?

sold signIn case you are wondering, no—Load of Rubbish has not suddenly changed our line of work. We are still in the junk removal and estate cleanup industry. BUT, we have our fair share of interactions with real estate agents and people planning to sell their houses. People contact us when they or their loved ones move into nursing care facilities or retirement homes. Also when they downsizing, after a loved one has died, or before or after a house goes on the market. Why?

Load of Rubbish can help with;

  • decluttering – we can get rid of excess items to improve the look of your home, thus making it more appealing for potential buyers
  • purging – we can take away items which will no longer fit into your new home in the case of downsizing
  • reusing – just because an item is no longer needed (like when someone is moving into a nursing home), it doesn’t mean that item is garbage. Load of Rubbish does our part to get gently used items back into the hands of those who want them via donations to thrift stores
  • recycling – being environmentally responsible is part of our mandate. Load of Rubbish does our part to make sure any items collected get recycled whenever possible; ie. e-waste, metal, tires, and more

At Load of Rubbish, we strive to be sensitive to the task at hand. Selling a home is one of life’s bigger stresses, so we do our part to make the job a little easier. Whether that means one visit, a two-step job—coming to purge for listing, then return after a sale to finish emptying a home—or multiple visits to completely empty a home after someone has passed, we work with you to make the job easier. For those who live out of town and are helping a relative, we gladly take direction over the phone. When a person cannot deal with all the intricacies of an estate cleanout, Load of Rubbish is happy to work with the real estate agent handling the affair. Whatever the reason why you are selling your home, we are there for you.

So if you are contemplating jumping into the real estate game, let Load of Rubbish help you maneuver the process. We make the job of moving just a little bit easier.