Load of Rubbish Recycles old Cell Phones

Load of Rubbish collects outdated cell phones to make sure they get to electronic recyclers

There are over 29 million cell phone subscribers in Canada. We have some of the fastest and most extensive networks in the world, with dozens of wireless providers offering 4G speeds to our vapid consumers. With over 80% of Canadians owning cell phones, it has meant a drop in the number of landlines. The trend of relying on smartphones only seems to grow though. As more and more people turn to cell phones as their exclusive phone—and increasingly their computer of choice—we expect them to do more and more.

But what of the old phones? As older models become incompatible, inefficient, and outdated, Canadians upgrade to newer phones with more capabilities. That doesn’t mean that you should toss old cells in the trash though.

Load of Rubbish Recycles Cell Phone Batteries

Full of precious metals and plastic, end-of-life electronics hold plenty of useful potential

Cell phones are full of useful materials. From plastics to glass, to precious metals, old cells are perfect for electronic recycling. When Load of Rubbish collects your old cell phones, we make sure they end up at a proper electronics recycling facility, where they are then dismantled in a safe and eco-friendly manner. Hazardous materials are separated from reusable materials and handled accordingly.

As our appetite for newer and more cell phones continues to rise, proper electronic waste recycling becomes an essential part of the cycle. It is our responsibility to ensure that e-waste returns back into the system and stays out of landfills. By doing your part, you reduce dependency on mining for new metals, the production of more plastics, the growth of our landfills, the illegal shipping of electronic waste to other countries, and you even reduce the clutter in your own home.

So the next time you’re ready to upgrade your cell phone, don’t ditch the old one in your junk drawer. Add it to the pile of stuff for Load of Rubbish to collect. We will ensure it gets to the proper home for e-waste recycling—not the dump!