Christmas Memories
in the Making

What does Christmas mean to you? While traditionally Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ in the Christian religion, it goes far beyond that today. There is gift giving, parties, extravagant meals, and simple time spent together with those we care about most. And it’s true. Time really is the most precious gift of all. It is with time spent that memories are made.

Why is that? When we spend time with people, we create memories. Those memories might be linked to colourful wrapping paper or the smell of turkey filling the house, but ultimately it is the people who mean the most in those memories. You probably don’t remember all the presents you got when you were 7, but you might recall baking cookies with Grandma that year. Or skating with your family over the Christmas break. You remember the laughter, and sometimes the tears, but those visceral memories are often tied to people. And they are the most important thing at Christmas.

Making Christmas Memories

Christmas time is a great time to build new memories with those you care about most. So why not let the Christmas spirit fill you and spill over to others this season. Load of Rubbish has some suggestions on how to build those memories right her in Southwestern Ontario. Start local and give back right here.

  • Love Locals: Ditch the shopping mall and buy gifts from local vendors and artisans. you are in luck, as the 39th Annual Christmas Craft Festival is on Nov 29 – Dec 2, 2018. Get down to the Western Fair District and take the time to appreciate the quality gifts made in your very own community. Know that your spending dollars stay in your community too, and help support small businesses closer to home. Those vendors appreciate every dollar earned and that relationship is far more special than anything established in the mall. Plus, your recipient will probably appreciate a handcrafted gift more than a cheap trinket with a shorter lifespan. Go quality over quantity!
  • Give Back: Giving back to your community is a powerful moment to share with others. Whether you and your children donate toys to a toy drive or your co-workers pitch in together to help out at a soup kitchen, those memories will stay with you far longer than the gift given or time spent. The Salvation Army Christmas Kettles are always in need of more bell ringers! 
  • Choose Entertainment: Back in the day, Christmas was all about going Christmas caroling, attending Christmas Eve services at your local church, or just plain getting together with the neighbours. Whether you are a regular church-goer or not, entertainment is still a great way to build memories with others. Why not attend a Christmas Carol with friends at the Grand Theatre this season. 
  • Break Bread Together: “Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe help to make the season bright…”, so order your turkey and get cooking! You can choose fresh and local turkey too. The Turkey Shoppe is on Load of Rubbish’s doorstep in Talbotville, and they have your choice of delicious turkey products made right on the property. Get fresh or frozen turkey, sausages, schnitzel, pieces, or pies; they’ve got turkey covered! Delicious. Don’t forget to invite extended family for your feast this year.
  • Work off Christmas Cookies: If feasting is your favourite way to fill the holidays, why not squeeze in some time to work it off with loved ones too. Make a date with your sweetheart to skate in the park this season. The Lighting of the Lights in Victoria park is this Friday, November 30th, but the skating rink will be open all winter long. You can glide along on the ice under the twinkling lights of nearby Christmas trees while romance and memories bloom. 

Now don’t those ideas sound more fun and meaningful to you? They will be remembered long after the last of the eggnog is gone. Merry Christmas!