The real estate market has been sizzling over the last year. Houses hit the market and sell immediately, some within hours! That leaves real estate agents scrambling to keep up, for both buyers and sellers agents alike.

How do realtors manage it? With a lot of coffee… Honestly though, they also need to know how to communicate what the market looks like to clients and how best to tackle their real estate journey. At Load of Rubbish, we have worked with some pretty amazing real estate agents who earn their commissions with all their efforts, so can appreciate all they do.

Maneuvering The Real Estate Market with Your Agent

Whether you are looking to buy or sell your home, the first thing you should do is find yourself a good real estate agent. We can offer suggestions of how to maneuver the market, but the work that a great agent does should not be disregarded. We have had real estate agents contact Load of Rubbish to help their clients before a sale, after the sale, and sometimes from buyer’s agents after deals have closed (yup, things sometimes get left behind for new owners to deal with!). There are so many things to juggle in their line of work, so it’s no wonder that any great real estate agent has a team of experts behind them to help the process run smooth. We are pleased to be that help when it comes to junk removal and real estate transactions.

Real Estate Tips for Home Sellers

In today’s hot market, home sellers have to be prepared for a quick sale. Gone are the days of homes languishing on the market for weeks or months. With so little inventory available, almost everything sells quickly. That doesn’t mean your real estate agent can pop a sign in the front yard with no prep work on your behalf to help your sale along though. If your home looks its best, you will still benefit, whether that looks like higher bids or more offers. The effort is worth it and doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate.

Try these tips to help prepare your home for sale;

  • Before you list your house, make sure your house is clean and free of repairs. It goes a long way towards getting potential home buyers to feel comfortable making an offer. Plus, if you just had a major home repair done, you can list that in the selling remarks, potentially increasing your asking price.
  • Declutter your home so that people can see the space and imagine their own possessions there. If they can’t move freely in the space, or only see you in the home with no room for themselves, they are less likely to consider making a decent offer.
  • Give your home the attention it deserves to make it as presentable as possible. Give it a fresh coat of paint. Spruce up your front door with a seasonal planter. Stage rooms so that people can envision themselves living there.

junk removal“I recently used Load of Rubbish for the first time. We are a Senior Move Management business and often clear out our clients homes after they have moved. Having Load of Rubbish come in to take away garbage and donations was a great time saver. The guys were very professional, worked quickly and efficiently and made short work of a very cluttered basement and garage. I am looking forward to working with them again in future.”
~ Jan Dillabough, The Mobile Butler, London.

What Real Estate Agents Want Home Buyers to Know

You might think home buyers have it easy in the real estate game, but in the current seller’s market, it is not always easy. Money talks, but making sure your clients understand what they are in for is important. Many people look for months, making offers on several homes before finally winning a bid and purchasing a new home. There is plenty of prep work involved in buying a home and having a strong real estate agent help can make a huge difference.

  • Make a list of your must haves, wants, and dealbreakers. Don’t waste time looking at homes you can’t afford, wouldn’t consider, or that just won’t work for you. It is important to be flexible, but having a starting point is important to make the search easier.
  • Talk to the bank or a mortgage broker. If possible, get pre-approved for a mortgage. That way you know how much money you can afford to spend on a home. The market moves fast and you often have to put in an offer as soon as you see something. Knowing what you can spend ensures you don’t miss out on that perfect home.
  • Be prepared to move fast. Choose a real estate agent that can work well under pressure and knows how to put in an attractive offer. If you get into a situation where there are multiple offers on a property you like, your offer has to be strong to win. Having a realtor that understands that and can work with you is key.

Whether buying or selling a home, having a trusted real estate agent be a part of the journey is more than just an idle consideration. A good one is essential to understanding the market and ensuring a successful transaction. And we are always happy to help the real estate agents who consider us a part of their team.