Help for your
New Year’s Resolutions
from Load of Rubbish

It’s that time of year again. The old year is slipping away and a new one is waiting in the wings. That leads many of you to think about the year past. It also has some of you debating on how you can make the coming year that much better. Queue the New Year’s resolutions!

There are plenty of ways to make a difference in the New Year. New Year’s resolutions can be anything from personal fitness goals, better financial savvy, improved health, increased time with friends and family, learning a new skill, and even bettering the planet. These are all lofty goals, but the question is how does one achieve any of them?

New Year’s Resolutions

Never fear. Load of Rubbish has a few suggestions on steps you can take to achieve your new year’s resolutions. Consider them less as scary changes, and more as potential opportunities to make you a better person. 

Fitness Goals:

Exercising with friends increases the likelihood of success
  • join a gym (you might even make some new friends there)
  • purchase exercise equipment (try thrift stores to reduce costs – makes good financial sense too)
  • invite along your friends to keep you motivated and on task (Bonus; that increases time spent with people you care about too!)

Improved Financial Security:

Thrift stores are a great place to salvage reusable items & save money
  • start by assessing your finances (a great time to purge old documents you no longer need as well)
  • spend money wisely (shop thrift stores; buy quality items which will last longer; support handmade, locally crafted, and small businesses who appreciate your hard-earned business dollars)
  • buy less (you have enough! Don’t buy more, more, and more items you don’t need, have space for, or can afford)

Improved Health:

  • quit smoking 
  • limit or cut out alcohol (save your tipples for an occasional shared glass of wine with friends or choose coffee dates instead)
  • make healthier meals (a great way to do this is by cutting out packaged meals – this reduces your waste as well)

Time with Family & Friends:

  • include friends and family with other goals (cooking classes, daily walks, art classes, etc.)
  • update your email and phone contacts, and reach out to anyone you haven’t talked to in a while (don’t just say you should get together – schedule it!)  
  • get involved with local events and include neighbours, friends, and co-workers (think neighbourhood cleanups, volunteer with a local non-profit, plant trees in your community – good for you, your community, AND the planet)

Learn New Skills:

Ever thought of learning a new instrument? Make 2019 the year you do!
  • invest time in something you’ve always wanted to learn (think musical instrument, auto mechanics, art, woodworking, etc. – don’t forget to invite friends/family to join you!)
  • check out your local public library or city website for classes offered
  • tick off items on your bucket list (stop putting off til tomorrow what you can do today – tomorrow isn’t always promised!)

Green Choices to Improve the Planet

Load of Rubbish happily collects your excess junk and does our part to keep it out of landfills
  • choose items with less packaging (leave packaging at the store, shop thrift stores, purchase bulk items)
  • consider investing in experiences versus things (the less stuff produced, the better off the planet will be) 
  • donate more (instead of letting your home get overrun by stuff, consider contacting Load of Rubbish for a pickup – we donate and recycle most of what we collect!)

Whatever you choose, we wish you much luck with your New Year’s resolutions. Welcome 2019!