Welcome to 2017! It may already be a few weeks in, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t tackle a few of those New Year resolutions. You can still snag New Year’s deals if you plan to join a gym, and any day is a good time to start eating better. Keep working at it, if smoking cessation was your goal. You can do it!

What about those of you who said you wanted to clean and organize your home? Have you done that yet? Now is the time, while the urge is still with you! And Load of Rubbish can help.

Load of Rubbish can help by removing all the unwanted items from your home, so that you can start the year fresh

Load of Rubbish can help. We can remove any unwanted items from your home, so you can begin your year with a fresh start.

So often things pile up, stuff takes over, and the mess gets away from us. It can get overwhelming to the point that it’s easier to turn a blind eye to it, but no more. The new year is a perfect time to bite the bullet and beat the clutter at home. Whether you tackle your whole home or just one or two rooms, you will feel better for it.

Make way for a New Year by getting rid of debris from the old year

With your motivation in tow, let’s go!

First off, decide which areas need attention. If you say the whole house, just know that your get up and go might get up and leave halfway through your project. If you break the task down into smaller pieces it is much easier to keep motivated and accomplish more.

Start with individual rooms;

  • Living Room
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Office
  • Family Room




Once you decide which room to tackle, decide what tasks happen in each room. For example, will you be reading, watching television, eating, sleeping, playing games, or doing puzzles in the Family Room? Do you need an electronics charging station in your bedroom or space for a book shelf? What do each of these activities require and what area of the room can you designate to those activities? Once you think about what functions a room will provide, it is easier to decide what goes in a room and what should be purged from it.

Be ruthless and honest with your space when purging. You will appreciate the transformation.

Once you know what activities you want to do in the room you are tackling, get sorting. Decide what stays in the room and what goes. If something comes out of a room, either purge it out of the house entirely or make sure there is a new home for it elsewhere. There is no use moving an item from one room to another if it doesn’t have a proper home. And if you can’t come up with a space for it, then TOSS it.

While you are busy purging, organizing and rearranging, don’t forget to clean. An empty room is the easiest space to deep clean. Get out the cleaning supplies and do a thorough job of cleansing your space of cobwebs, crumbs and any other detritus that doesn’t add to the ambiance of a room. Wipe baseboards, swipe ceiling fans, brush the ceiling. Now is the time to make your whole home sparkle.

It is also a great time to update the look of your home. ‘Greenery’ is Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year, but any colour will do. A fresh coat of paint brings a room back to life and can give you a new lease on life during the dark days of winter. As the folks at Pantone suggest, it can revitalize you!

And Revitalization is what 2017 should all be about. Happy New Year!