What Do we Do with Outdated Technology?

ghetto blaster

Ghetto blasters fell by the wayside years ago in favour of today’s MP3 players and streaming audio on smart phones

Digital technology is not new. We have been evolving towards it from mechanical and analog technology since the 1950s. The speed with which the changes have occurred has been staggering over the last few decades though. Gone are the bunny ears for massive tube television sets. Tape decks no longer appear in ghetto blasters, not to mention the big audio devices themselves. And even the latest in computer devices from a few years ago, are now obsolete with today’s smart phones, with functions every bit as practical as any computer out there.


Commodore 64 keyboard

The highest selling computer model of all time was no match for the advancing digital age. Introduced in 1982, Commodore 64s are just one more outdated technology that Load of Rubbish collects

So what do we do with all that outdated technology? Sadly, we throw much of it away. Load of Rubbish collects people’s excess junk every day. We always have plenty of old TVs, big screen computers, old radios, and so much more. It is amazing how far the digital age has come even since the World Wide Web was introduced to the public in 1991. And Load of Rubbish collects all of it.


Alliance Tenna Rotor

The Alliance Tenna Rotor was the height of convenience back in the day, but now is just another piece of vintage outdated technology

Just because technology becomes outdated, doesn’t mean it needs to end up in the landfill though. At Load of Rubbish, we stockpile items that we frequently come across. Electronic waste, like televisions, radios, computers, and outdated phones contain precious metals, plastic and glass, which can be recycled to create new products. Once we have a load together, we take it to a local electronics recycler. From there, they break it down into its raw parts, so those materials can re-enter the production cycle once more.


old cell phones

We collect your outdated technology, like cameras, phones, and more, so that you can stay up-to-date in an eco-friendly way.

So while we may get a little nostalgic over old telephones or record players, Load of Rubbish does our part in getting these outdated technologies where they need to go—to the recyclers. There is always a new update to install or the newest model of whatever to purchase. Go ahead. Load of Rubbish has got your back. Call us and we’ll make sure your old tech gets where it needs to go.