“We were so grateful to have Load of Rubbish help us empty our cousin’s house. It was a huge job and pretty gross, and they were extremely friendly, reasonable, and fast. Would recommend them for sure.”
~ Brittany

Sometimes clearing out a space is more work than you can handle alone. Whether a loved one has died, you are downsizing a home, or you have finally embraced cleaning out that back room you have been meaning to clean out for far too long, know that you don’t have to tackle the job alone. Load of Rubbish is here to help. Estate cleanouts are our specialty

Professional Estate Cleanouts

Calling for Estate Cleanouts services

“Very pleased with the service we received. The pick-up crew arrived on time and worked quickly and efficiently to empty the apartment. The guys were very professional and the whole experience exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend this business to friends and family.”
~ David

Estate cleanouts services are a growing need for our aging population, but are often used by many others. When there is more to deal with than will fit in the back seat of your car, or you can lug to the curb yourself, you need help. We get it. We are family too and understand that while the aim is to get rid of stuff, you need a sensitive and professional team to help make that happen. You don’t want to feel rushed or pushed into getting rid of items which may or may not be considered family heirlooms. Conversely, you shouldn’t feel like you have to keep it all, just because something belonged to someone you loved.

We never rush you, nor force you to get rid of anything. Our friendly staff are there to make the process easier and aim to lighten your load. If the cleanout is time sensitive, we’ll tackle the project promptly, leaving your space ready for the next stage. We often work with real estate agents who have tight timelines, plus understand the urgency around senior’s residences. Our crews will empty your space in no time, so you can focus on other more pressing matters as needed.

“I lost my uncle last Thursday. As the executor of his will, I had to deal with all of his personal affairs. I am his only relative in town and had to take care of clearing his apartment at the retirement home by myself.
My friend who had lost her dad suggested this company.
All I can say is thank you so much for your prompt, courteous, and reasonably priced service.”
~ Kelly

Cleaning out a space after someone has moved on has its challenges. Whether you don’t have the time, can’t handle the amount of stuff, or are overwhelmed by the state of it all, Load of Rubbish’s estate cleanout services just might be the lifeline you need during a difficult time. We aren’t afraid to get a little dirty and have the tools and equipment to make the process safer and lighter for all. If you have questions about the cost, process, or what it all involves, we are happy to speak with you. We like to think of ourselves as the Estate Cleanout specialists in Southwestern Ontario, but our reviews speak volumes too. Call to speak to our team and get the help you need today.