Why Should You Use Load of Rubbish Junk Removal?

In a Word—Recycling

We optimize our productivity and your cost from second we arrive by carefully loading our truck

We optimize our productivity, and your cost, by carefully loading our truck to maximize our recycling capabilities

Why should you use Load of Rubbish? In a word—recycling. We’re good at it. It is more than just simple recycling though. Where some junk removal companies collect items and deliver them straight to landfill, Load of Rubbish is different. We do our part to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible and partner with local businesses with the same mindset.

It starts with us. We like to think that Load of Rubbish is your best choice in junk removal. And while it is all well and good to say ‘pick me!’, Load of Rubbish can back up our claim of being one of the best in London in the recycling department. How do we do that? There are several ways.

For starters, Load of Rubbish has a 4,800 sq ft sorting facility. All of the items we collect pass through it. Our staff are integral in this step, as they are the first ones to sort items we collect, but far from the last.

Before items arrive at our facility though, they must get into our trucks. When we arrive on a job site, we load trucks according to where items are going to end up. Items that need sorting get put into the truck first to return to our shop. Articles bound for donation centres go ahead of that, for easier access. Other items which cannot be reused are added strategically, so that we can potentially dispose of them along the way.

For the most part though, most of the items we collect end up back at our warehouse. They go from the truck to designated storage areas in our facility. As many of the items we collect are regular features in junk removal, they have preassigned spaces; for televisions, fridges, tires, batteries, brass, copper, etc. There are always plenty of other random things, including tables, lamps, dinnerware, chairs, books and many knickknacks, but we do what we can to get them back into the stream via donation centres whenever possible. Of course, if we kept it all we would need a far larger storage space, but none of it stays long. So where does it go from us?

Our Partners:

Reuse –

Thrift stores are a great place to salvage reusable items

Thrift stores are a great place to salvage reusable items

There is a home for everything that Load of Rubbish collects. Depending upon what the item is and what state of repair it is in, makes the difference to where it goes. Our first choice for items is to get them back into the hands of people who can reuse them. That usually means donation centres.

Many of the pieces we collect are gladly taken by places like the Salvation Army and Value Village. These companies inspect what we bring and take anything they believe they can sell. Clothing, linens, toys, housewares, and small appliances are usually a good bet. They can be sold in their thrift stores and thus see a second life in usefulness. People get a great deal on items they need, plus can feel better about the fact that they have kept usable items out of landfill.

Other companies, like the London Consistory Club, have been grateful recipients of assistive devices. We often collect walkers, canes, and wheelchairs from those who no longer need them. They may not need them, but there are always plenty of people who do, some of whom cannot afford to purchase brand new mobility aides. The London Consistory Club loans good quality medical equipment to those in need regardless of age, race, sex, colour or income. Knowing that our donations go to those in need, plus keeps valuable equipment out of the trash, is a win-win situation.

Recycle –

Scrap metal retains value in the hands of metal recyclers

Scrap metal retains value in the hands of metal recyclers

Not everything can be reused, but that doesn’t mean it’s garbage. Many items we collect contain metal, glass, wood, plastic, paper, or other recyclable materials. It might come in the form of an old cell phone or computer, but there is plenty of value in it still. That is where our other partners come in.

One of those companies is Triple M, a Canadian metal recycling company. It opened its doors over 40 years ago and has featured in the top 50 best-managed companies list in Canada for the last six years. They have 16 facilities in Ontario, not to mention operations in the US, Mexico and Europe. We deal with their location in St Thomas. Our regular visits include trips to drop off batteries, TVs, computers, and other large metal-based items. Fridges have their Freon removed before they join the load headed for scrap metal. A metal bin at our warehouse collects scrap that Triple M collects on a regular basis as well. The best part of working with them is knowing that all of that scrap metal eventually gets turned into new metal items. A win for the environment!

Zubick’s is another local company that turns metal waste into fresh materials. Started in 1946, it takes e-waste (phones, TVs, computers, etc.), aluminum, batteries, auto parts, and plenty of other metal scrap. They pride themselves on their environmental responsibility and do their part to recycle and recover precious resources. You can’t miss their location on Clarke Rd either, as since 2004 they have showcased unique ‘welded wonders’ from art students from Fanshawe College. It’s always interesting to see their newest artwork wrought from scrap metal.

Load of Rubbish also works with Core Industries to keep precious metals out of the trash. This family owned and operated metal recycler has been in London for over 35 years. They happily take any copper, brass and other precious metals we collect.

The Rest –

Even the items that no one wants anymore still find a home at Green Valley Recycling

Even the items that no one wants anymore still find a home at Green Valley Recycling

What about items that might not fall into metal recycling, e-waste, or reuseable items? Often the last stop is Green Valley Recycling. When we pull in with the truck, it is weighed. The difference in weight when we leave is what we pay to dispose of the junk.

Even that is not necessarily junk though. Staff at Green Valley sort through everything to divide the junk into piles. Cardboard and paper products get recycled. Old wood products are turned into wood chip mulch, after it has been cleaned. Waste concrete and asphalt turns into granulars once metal and foreign contaminants are removed. Old tires are free to drop off and get turned back into any number of new products. There is even a recycling wall for items they still deem worthy of reuse. On the surface it might be the least valuable of our junk, but it still finds its way back into the commodity market to be turned into useful products once again. With an aim for 100% waste diversion, we are proud to work with Green Valley.

So what are we left with? A clean conscience. And nothing else…