Did you feel that? The season just shifted. We went from spring, back to winter, skipped to mud season, and actual spring feels like it may have arrived. No more frost or snow in the forecast, just plenty of double digits and sunshine! Time to tackle the spring cleanup you have been holding off on. Let’s go!

Spring Cleanup

If you haven’t revved up the lawn mower yet, now is the perfect time. Except if the wheel fell off last fall as you were putting it away. Or if the engine is seized because you forgot to put stabilizer fluid in it. These are problems you might want to tend to. Unless handy isn’t in your wheelhouse, then maybe it is time for a new mower. In that case, wrangle the old one to the side of the garage and call for a Load of Rubbish pickup. Discounts are available for anything that is ready to pickup and easy to access.

Don’t get ahead of yourself though. What else can you add to that pile? Did mice make a home in your patio furniture over the winter? Unless you can scrub the stink out of it, you might want to let that go too. In fact, when you disturb anything that has mouse urine or feces in it, you stir up the risk of getting hantavirus—a potentially life-threatening disease. Better keep that mask handy, just in case.

Let’s Play!

Okay, your lawn mower is set and your lounger is ready for summer days. Time to break out the yard games! Can you find all the croquet balls for the croquet set? Where are the baseball mitts and balls? What about the ladder ball set? Can anyone find the bolas? Or the pallina for bocce ball? There is something to be said for being organized, as missing pieces to any game makes it harder to play. Don’t worry though. We’ll pick up your old yard games and toys too. Add in the bikes that are too small for the kids or too uncomfortable for the adults. It’s all about freeing up space so that you can find the stuff you do use and need.

Aside from cutting the grass, you might find that some other yard work needs to be done too. We will gladly collect yard waste too. Again, remember that when it comes time to collect your junk, the easier it is to access it, the cheaper it costs to dispose of. Any branches, tree trunks, shrubs, or other yard waste is accepted. Along with any scrap metal, construction materials, renovation debris, tires, or any other items you might come across in the yard.

Make your home an oasis. Get your spring cleanup done so that you can enjoy your yard all summer long. With limited options on where we can go right now, why not start in the backyard? Call 519-637-6928 to schedule your pickup today!