Old medals are just one of many old mementoes and relics which Load of Rubbish comes across

Old medals are just some of the many mementoes and relics Load of Rubbish comes across

In November we are charged with remembering. We remember those who served and lost their lives in battle in active service. We stop and give thanks to the many men and women who still actively serve in the Armed Forces across the country and across the world. On November 11th, people don poppies and bow their heads when the sound of the Last Post rings out at Cenotaphs across the country.

It is about honouring, and so we remember.

Soldiers offer a great sacrifice in choosing to serve and protect King/Queen and country. Many men and women have fought in battle for Canada during wartime. Too many of them have given their lives for the fight.

Remembrance Day was established to mark the end of World War I. As soldiers limped home from the Great War, we pinned medals on them to say thank you for all they did. It wasn’t enough though and we ushered them back to war a few short years later. After World War II, the world thought it was safe from any more major battles and gave out more medals for bravery and service.

But the battles have raged on and men and women continue to be sent wherever conflict reigns. We still send brave Canadians across the world in the name of peacekeeping missions every day. And more medals will be pressed for duties served and lives lost.

Don’t let their sacrifices be forgotten.

On Remembrance Day, take the time to thank those who serve today. Talk to a veteran and give them the respect they deserve for their heroic deeds and actions. Give two minutes of time (or more) to remember those who gave their lives to protect ours. There are stories there and they deserve to be remembered. Their actions are worth more than the medals we press for them, but serve as a token of our thanks.

At Load of Rubbish, we would like to thank the men and women of uniform for their services. And will never forget…