Today is Remembrance Day. While memories of the Great War and the World War II sometimes feel like distant memories, those days still leave their marks on today. While many have passed on, a few veterans from that time live on. Family members do too, and so do the stories passed to them. In fact, on November 11th those stories come alive all over again and serve as a reminder that we should never forget the many sacrifices made then, and by those who continue to serve our country. Peace always trumps war and the lessons learned during warfare should never be forgotten.

Remembrance Day Stories

What are some of the ways we can honour and remember the sacrifices so many made? Through stories. Sharing stories of family members, friends, or brave individuals and the actions they took during strife. Did your grandfather serve in the Air Force? In what capacity? Was your great aunt a part of the war movement abroad or back home? What did she do to improve morale for those around her? Is there a local hero who laid their life on the line, to protect those around them? Give them a voice anew by sharing their stories.

case of medalsSometimes war memorabilia can help stimulate stories too. How many medals live in the back of closets? While we can never forget the efforts behind their reward, today is a great day to pull them out and reflect on what they mean. What was the purpose of the sacrifices made? Who were the people involved? How did their stories change the reality we now live in?

Just a hint — our freedom was a pretty brave thing for people to fight for.

World War II book

While coming across memorabilia might feel like a story forgotten, at Load of Rubbish we understand all too well that no story truly disappears. Sometimes other people need to hear the stories for a while, so the mementoes get handy to others. That makes them no less valuable. And we have been known to covet special pieces we discover as well, so are happy to either donate them to appropriate locations or move them into our own private collections. Those newspaper clippings receive protection from further damage and get pulled out for reminders on how far we have come since those darker days.

We know the world is not free from strife—war wages on in Russia and the Ukraine, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and too many other places around the globe—but at Load of Rubbish, we salute those who still take up their roles as part of peacekeeping missions. For everyone who has put themselves at risk in the name of peace, Thank you.

So today on Remembrance Day, we remember and give thanks.