It is October. That sometimes makes for collecting some scary things on the job at Load of Rubbish. We’re not talking old couches or fridges either, although many of those have seen better days. We are talking about weird items we’ve collected, overflowing piles of stuff that no longer has any semblance of use, and sad things like collections which no one wants once a loved one is gone.

The good thing though is we feel like superheroes at Load of Rubbish when we get to vanquish waste, eliminate excess, and recycle goods so they don’t end up in landfills. That waste? Super scary, but not on our watch! Especially when it comes to Christmas décor. There’s nothing like saving Christmas to make you feel like a superhero every day of the week.

Saving Christmas One Ornament at a Time

For example, this recent estate cleanout could have been a super scary situation, but the Load of Rubbish crew stepped in to avoid unnecessary waste. The previous resident of a home moved to an assisted living facility and left behind a house full of stuff. We were called in to help and not only found plenty of junk to toss, but many items we knew didn’t need to hit the landfill. We’ll let Chris explain more;

See! Not so scary after all. But it could have been. Area landfills are filling up fast and in other circumstances, all those ornaments might have ended up there. We know that Christmas ornaments are always in demand, so once we realized what we were dealing with, those Christmas items were transferred to our waiting Load of Rubbish truck to get dropped off at a local thrift store.

People LOVE Christmas decorations. We know these items will find new homes in no time flat. Throwing them away is completely unnecessary, especially if they can bring someone else joy next Christmas.

How do we know that? Check out some of the many décor items we have seen in the past. Everything from lights, trees, ornaments, plates, puzzles, and so much more. We like to think we save a little bit of Christmas spirit every time we keep another Christmas item out of the junkyard.