old bikes

September is a great time to declutter your world. Get rid of anything which holds you back from making a fresh start; like the old bike in your garage which hasn’t been ridden in years…

School has started once more. Routines are being re-established. But even as life moves forward, sometimes there are things which hold us back from our full potential. And by things, we mean stuff, clutter, junk; items which no longer serve us.

While January has traditionally been seen as the start of a new year and new habits, September is just as good a time to shed the old and make way for the new. Whether that looks like heading back to the gym, starting the new diet, or purging old stuff to make room for the new year, why not take advantage of this time of year and the new beginnings it offers. September has been the start of a new year since you were a kid, so why not consider it a fresh start for you again now.

Starting fresh often amounts to letting go of the past. Purging items is a great way to take the steps to begin a new life. It isn’t always easy. We hold onto items for sentimental reasons, like the wedding dress worn on your special day. Sometimes we hope to go back in time and recapture a moment which brought us happiness; those old jeans you loved and wore before the middle–aged spread made them a bit too snug. Occasionally we hold onto items in the thought we just might need them again someday. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the crib in the garage probably won’t pass today’s safety standards no matter how well you stored it.

When we purge items which no longer bring us happiness or worth, we make room for more in our lives. If you think of September as a time to start fresh again, why not start by making room for that potential. Take a moment to be realistic, and if necessary, harsh, and then let go.

Tasks for September:

  • Clear your closet of clothes you haven’t worn in over a year. As the seasons change, so too does our wardrobe. When you let go of old items which don’t fit or are no longer fashionable, you make room for a whole new wardrobe. Be ruthless. You deserve it.
  • Stop holding onto items you might use again ‘some’ day. Clutter can cramp us and prevent us from moving in to the future. ‘Someday’ might never come, and while waiting for it, you can miss out on life. Start with today and go from here. That means letting go of the car seat when your baby-raising days are done and making space for what the future might bring.
  • Set realistic goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure by taking on too much. Purchasing new exercise equipment in hopes you will become buff might be a waste of time, energy and space (when a year later that bike holds nothing more than your dirty laundry and failed dreams). If you buy a bike, ride it. If you bought it two years ago and haven’t seen it since, put it in the purge pile.

When you make space in your life and home for what is important for you today, it can be liberating. It is healthy to embrace the future free of the past’s debris. Memories are fine, but in order to live in the now, we need to make space for it.

If you are ready, give Load of Rubbish a call. We can set up an appointment, often within a day’s notice, to remove the junk you no longer need in your life. Make September a time for your fresh start.