Stuffed sailfin

Load of Rubbish handles mementoes and keepsakes carefully when helping with Estate Cleanups

When someone you love dies, it can be devastating. Along with the immobilizing heartache, there are so many things to do.  Between informing friends and loved ones of the death and planning a funeral, it can be overwhelming. A harder task can crop up afterwards though which can feel even more insurmountable—cleaning up your loved one’s estate.

At a time when you are reeling from loss, going through a loved one’s belongings may seem like a particularly difficult task. Emotional attachments can be found in everything from the person’s favourite chair to the dusty spoon collection which hangs in the corner. It’s usually not possible to keep everything though. So the question becomes how to effectively sort through a person’s belongings—an accumulation of their life—in a timely and efficient manner. This can be made even more difficult when your loved one is located in a different town, province or country, but the task still needs to be tackled.

There is a way to get help. Load of Rubbish offers Estate Cleanups. We understand how difficult the task of sorting through keepsakes is. Even when items cannot be kept, care in the handling of valuable mementos is important. This is where we shine. Load of Rubbish can help you sort through a loved one’s estate, then dispose of unwanted items in an environmentally responsible way. We work with local companies, like the Salvation Army, to get reusable items back into the hands of those who might want them. Just because you don’t have space for Great Uncle George’s stuffed sailfish doesn’t mean that someone else might not love it, so we’ll pack it carefully to ensure it sees new life above someone else’s mantel.

Our conscientious staff work with you throughout the process to ensure that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly from start to finish. We even sweep the location afterwards, so the property is ready for sale as necessary. All with a competitively-priced estimate from a small family-run business. There are no hidden fees and we offer 100% satisfaction. During this stressful time, we want to take just a little bit of the sting out of the process. Let our professionals lighten your load when you need support the most. When you face the difficult task of estate cleanup, call Load of Rubbish to help.