Time for Spring Cleaning the Yard

Time for Spring Cleaning the Yard

How have you fared with your spring cleaning so far this year? Is your house clean and clutter-free yet? How about your yard? Have you tackled the outside world as well? With Earth Day approaching, it is the perfect time to embrace a cleaner and greener world, right in your own backyard. Do it for the planet, your city, and yourself. We all breathe easier when the world is a better place.

Spring Cleaning your Yard

Use the same principles to clean outdoors as you do in. Make a list and tick off areas as you clean them. Think garden beds, storage sheds, the garage, your junk heap, or any other areas that are in need of some spring cleaning. Eliminate waste, clutter, and debris which no longer serves you. Be critical in your decision making and purge as needed. Keep these things in mind as you go;

  • if the bbq is broken, wish it bon voyage
  • when the children don’t play with it, it’s time to say ciao
  • dare it not fit your decor, ditch it
  • if it’s a fire hazard, fling it
  • when the hose drips, heave it
  • when the solar lights dim, lose them
  • if the pool leaks, purge it
  • if it’s rubbish, time for au revoir
  • dare the sprinkler stops squirting, say sayonara
  • if it’s a trip hazard, toss it
  • when it’s waste, bid it auf wiedersehen…

I think you get the message. Here’s how Load of Rubbish can help.

Gather up all the items which clutter your yard. Contact Load of Rubbish. We’ll schedule a pickup at your convenience, so that you can enjoy your outdoor space with the peace of mind that we will dispose of your unwantables in an environmentally responsible way. Anything salvageable will be donated. Items which can be recycled will go to appropriate homes (metal recyclers, electronic recyclers, etc.). Yard waste will be dropped off at EnviroDepots. And that which cannot be salvaged will be taken to the landfill.

Some of the items Load of Rubbish collects;

  • above-ground pools
  • hot tubs
  • construction material
  • renovation debris
  • barbeques
  • bicycles
  • scrap metal
  • tires
  • water tanks
  • trees and branches
  • yard waste
  • Most other rubbish you have lying around (*note that we cannot collect some items)

There is such a short time period for Canadians to comfortably enjoy the outside world. Maximize your enjoyment of it by creating a welcoming space to spend your time in today.

Time for Spring Cleaning at Load of Rubbish