Once the Spring Cleaning is done, contact Load of Rubbish to haul away your old junk

Once the Spring Cleaning is done, contact Load of Rubbish for your junk removal needs

Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air. Temperatures have risen above 0°, birds are slowly migrating back, and the call of vacuum carries in the wind. It’s time…

…for Spring Cleaning that is.

Throw open your windows, peel back the blinds, and dig into the national pastime of Spring Cleaning around your home. To help you out, Load of Rubbish has some suggestions on what to tackle room by room throughout your home. Banish winter from your home with a little elbow grease to usher in spring’s welcome return. Your home will thank you for it.

*And don't forget that Load of Rubbish can help out by hauling away all your excess junk once you're done!

Spring Cleaning Checklist for your Home

Living Room


dust bookshelves

  • remove excess pillows, blankets, throws etc.
  • lighten up window coverings
  • clean and store thick rugs
  • clear the clutter of knick knacks off the mantel and side tables
  • deep-clean upholstered furniture and area carpeting
  • dust books and book shelves
  • purge old magazines and books which won’t be read again
  • wipe TV and computer screens
  • clean stereo and other electronics


  • remove excess blankets
  • flip or turn mattress
  • switch out heavy duvets and comforters for lighter-weight bedding
  • assess wardrobe to purge items that don’t fit, aren’t worn, or are in a poor state of repair
  • flip seasonal wardrobe from winter wear to spring/summer attire


  • recaulk tub/shower
  • reseal grout lines
  • discard expired medication and cosmetics
  • clean drains
empty cupboards

Empty cupboards and wipe down cabinets inside & out


  • defrost freezer
  • vacuum fridge coils
  • pull out stove and fridge to clean behind them
  • thoroughly clean fridge and discard expired condiments, etc.
  • clean microwave and other small appliances, ie. toaster, coffee maker, kettle
  • wipe out cupboards and wash cabinet doors

Laundry Room

  • wash lint trap in dryer
  • clean exhaust tube of dryer
  • clean washer inside and out

Whole Home

  • dust thoroughly, including hard to reach areas like ceiling fans, chandeliers, light fixtures, and window coverings
  • wash windows to let in more light
  • wipe down walls, ceilings, baseboards, electrical outlets and switches
  • vacuum and scrub floors
  • wax wooden furniture
  • clean screens and return them to windows
  • change batteries in smoke detectors
  • change furnace filter

Are there any areas we missed? Do you have any spring cleaning tips to share? Let us know, as spring cleaning is on our to-do list too!