Summer has arrived and with it plenty to do. From backyard barbeques, to road trips with the family, to getaways to the cottage, it’s time to get outside and enjoy life.

Not if the backyard is cluttered with junk though. Or you can’t pack the car because your closet is bursting at the seams, but you can’t find anything to wear. What do you do? Purge the excess to make space for the best that life has to offer this summer!

Summer Purging 101

But it’s summer! We want to relax! Get away from it all!

We hear you and understand the importance of slowing down and taking a much-needed break. That’s why Load of Rubbish is here to help with some simple tips to make the most out of you summer purging, so you can get back to whatever you’ve got planned this summer.

  • Take it slow – Summer is about relaxing, but not if your clutter is making you tense. Tackle the mess one step at a time. Clean one room or one shelf—the pace is up to you. The key is to keeping up forward motion.
  • Be methodical – If you have a road trip planned in a few weeks, make a plan to clean a shelf a day in key areas so that you feel like you will be ready before the big day comes. Set a timer to keep you on task—20 minutes every day really adds up if you keep on top of it.
  • Be realistic – You know how often you use things. If the closet is on the radar, pull everything out and make note of what you wore last season and what you didn’t. A great way to help you remember is by switching the direction of your hangers after you have worn something. That just might help, for those who can’t exactly remember when the last time you wore the purple blazer or green dress pants. If you haven’t worn it, make space for the clothes you do. You will feel better for it. We promise.
  • One of the lessons summer always seems to impart is that Less is More – We are going to be brutally honest here. You don’t need all of that tupperware. You don’t need the margarine tubs, yoghurt containers, or even the stack of Chinese takeout food containers. Here’s a thought. Keeping leftovers is a great way to reduce food waste, but even leftovers only last so long. Keep enough containers to house leftovers for a few days. What does that look like—5, 7, or 10 containers? The rest have to go. Period.
  • Look at the bigger picture – When we have less clutter, less stuff taking up space, we can breathe easier. Sure, holding onto an old faucet that you might use again one day might seem like a good idea, but realistically, all those maybe items just add mental clutter that causes stress. Summer time is about being in the moment—fishing with friends, a picnic on the beach, a round of golf with the ladies. Allow yourself to be in the moment, by getting rid of the what ifs, the worries about tomorrow. It can be liberating. You deserve that.

Can we make the process one step easier? Give Load of Rubbish a call to help. Whether you need a full estate cleanout or just someone to take the excess away, we can do it all to free up even more time for you to enjoy what really matters this summer. So unpack the closets and cupboards to make space for life. You deserve it.