When the time comes to downsize, the work it takes to get there might seem insurmountable. For seniors looking to relocate to a smaller, more accessible home, the effort it takes to get there might be more than they can physically handle. That is why Load of Rubbish offers estate cleanups.


Estate Cleanups

with Load of Rubbish

As a small, family-run business, Load of Rubbish prides ourselves on doing our job well. When someone contacts us for estate cleanup services, we happily offer our services to clean, organize, sort, and recycle a lifetime’s worth of stuff. There can be huge sentimental value attached to people’s possessions, so we do our utmost to respectfully help those in need decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to get rid of. And when emotions run high, sometimes that is the best answer.

WorkersWhy people contact Load of Rubbish for estate cleanups;

  • a loved one has died
  • a family member has moved into nursing care
  • extended family is out-of-town, so unable to help with sorting, organizing & moving
  • you want to keep unused, but still valuable items out of landfills
  • you don’t have the time or physical strength to complete the cleanup yourself

Sometimes people need a third party to help organize estate cleanups. Whether they are too tied to sentimental attachments or when emotions run too high to effectively work together, Load of Rubbish is there. We gladly step in to do what we can for families during a stressful time, as we understand the nature of families—we are a family too!

Load of Rubbish works with clients from start to finish, to get the job done in a timely and smooth manner. Our uniformed staff puts professionalism first in everything we do, and that goes from arriving on time, to cleaning up once the job is done. We sort, pack, and remove what you cannot tackle on your own to take the stress out of downsizing or moving.

All those services come packaged with a competitive price tag, so it’s no wonder customers can’t help talking about us;

We used Load of Rubbish when my mother passed away. Although we tried to give away as much as possible, there was still a lifetime of odds and ends that needed to be disposed of. When the gentlemen from Load of Rubbish showed up, they quickly removed everything that we had discussed, recycled whatever they could and took the balance to landfill. I cannot stress enough how much we appreciated the quality of their work, the speed with which they took care of us and at a reasonable price. Their work is good and the price is right.

Jacque Briand

Contact Load of Rubbish Junk Removal for help when you or your loved ones are in need of estate cleanups or downsizing