Christmas is around the corner and when you get right down to the reason for the season, it is all about the gift of time. Odds are, you won’t remember the baubles you receive this year, twenty years from now and neither will your children. What you will remember is the time spent with loved ones. And you will remember the good feelings of helping someone else in need. Isn’t that more important than the latest gadget or another ugly Christmas sweater? This year, why not give the gift of self for Christmas. Do it for family, friends, strangers in need—more importantly, do it for yourself. Time is the greatest gift of all

The Gift of Time

How do we give the gift of self? There are so many ways. It is about taking time out of a busy schedule to spend it in a meaningful way, in a way that touches another. With 12 days left til Christmas, why not think about 12 ways you could give back to those who need it most.

Here are just a few ways you could touch someone else’s life this Christmas;

  1. Volunteer at a food bank, soup kitchen, mission, etc.
  2. Visit the elderly in a nursing home
  3. Read to children who are spending the holidays in hospital
  4. Wrap presents for a charity organization
  5. Offer to help a single friend’s child shop for their parent
  6. Shovel a neighbour’s driveway
  7. Take treats to a fire hall
  8. Go carolling (with family, friends, or other neighbours) in your neighbourhood
  9. Volunteer with a community organization (Pillar Nonprofit always lists several organizations looking for community volunteers)
  10. Help out in your child’s classroom/school
  11. Volunteer as a Christmas kettle bellringer for the Salvation Army
  12. Deliver meals to shut-ins (either on your own or with Meals on Wheels)

Or gather up your friends, family and neighbours to go tobogganing for an afternoon, followed by a round of hot chocolates for all. Those are the memories that will be remembered. And the feelings of love, companionship and good-times that will warm your soul for years to come.

Tobogganing party

You will always remember the good feelings behind the gift of time. That is what Christmas is all about