2020 versus 2021. That update in calendar year didn’t change quite as much as we had hoped it would, did it? 2021 still holds a fair amount of ongoing challenges, but we’ve seen a lot of resiliency too. There are so many people looking for ways to make differences in their lives, whether that be adding exercise regimes, cooking more, or updating their homes. It makes sense, with more people than ever working from home and looking for other ways to stay fit with gyms closed. Entertainment budgets have all of a sudden become home renovation budgets. Makes sense too, as you keep busy while adding value to your home. A win/win!

All those new kitchens, bathrooms, workout spaces, and home offices lead to a lot of construction debris though, and that’s where we come in.

Home Renovations in 2021

Even with increased home renovation budgets, not everyone hires contractors to tackle their home makeovers. Maybe it’s because you are super handy or maybe you figure you can tackle a small project on your own. Either way, DIY warriors are coming out of the woodwork to improve their homes. For good reason too. Some projects are fairly straightforward, like replacing a toilet or kitchen faucet. There are enough YouTube videos out there to help guide you through the process. Remove old unit. Replace with new one. Possibly curse for a few minutes. And ta-da! You are done.

Other projects might be a little more involved, but still manageable for the competent amongst you. Painting gives a fresh feel to any space. Refinishing furniture isn’t always as involved as you might imagine. And how hard is it really to replace a floor? It all depends upon your skills, knowledge, available time, and enthusiasm for the project at hand.

So get to it!

What to do with the Home Renovation Debris?

home renovation debris

There is one other issue though. Have thought about what to do with your remaining home renovation debris? You know, the old toilet, sink, flooring, drywall, and other junk you pulled out of your house? Construction debris is not accepted in curbside garbage pickup by the City of London. The same thing goes for St Thomas.

Items that will not be collected with curbside garbage include: Construction and renovation materials such as drywall, fence boards, concrete, bricks, asphalt, bathtubs and cupboards.  

City of London on Garbage Collection

Oh, oh. Now what?

Never fear! Load of Rubbish is here!

While you can pile all that junk in the trunk of your car and take it to a local EnviroDepot, fees apply and are dependent upon the size of your load. Why add the extra hassle? Schedule a pickup with Load of Rubbish and watch all of your home renovation debris disappear.

What do we take? We collect construction material, renovation debris, scrap metal, appliances, carpet, and more. Not sure about an item? You can always call 519-637-6928 to ask and book right away. If you pile everything outside, you can even receive a 25% discount with the convenient Ready Rate deal.

If the home renovation bug has bitten you in 2021, good luck with your projects! And don’t forget to call us when you are through. We’ll even make sure that anything that is still salvageable finds the proper home, whether it is reused or recycled properly.

Load of Rubbish is good like that…